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Ohaus Mechanical Balances

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  • Quick reading with a precision engraved dial Windowed poises Built-in specific gravity platform 10 gram vernier dial Stainless steel, removable pan is 92-mm in diameter. Capacity 310 grams with a readability of 0.01 gram; calibrations: front beam 100 x 10 grams, rear beam 200 x 100 grams,…

  • Large interchangeable weighing pans, dual pointers, tare adjustment, molded handles, and an eight piece, solid brass mass set. Zero-adjust wheel provided to correct out-of-level conditions Capacity: 2,000 grams; sensitivity: 0.5 grams Able to weigh objects like paper clips, erasers,…

  • Ideal for comparative weighing Six inch diameter plates of stainless steel Magnetic damping 2 pan, mechanical single and double beam balances have sturdy, rugged construction with easy reliable operation. Capacity 2,000 grams and 0.1 gram readability; 1368D40 also has a 5 lb. capacity, with…

  • 1600 Series Direct reading vernier dial for easy use 5-year warranty Choice of weighing platforms: scoop, animal container, pans offered as optional accessories Brought rapidly to equilibrium by magnetic damper Case aluminum beam, with steel knife edges and agate bearings; base finished in…

  • For use with mechanical balances Thomas number 1366W35 Scoop is stainless steel and footed. For use with balances 1381H15, H28 and 1382F65. Dimensions: 6" x 12"; weight: 190 grams.

  • Four notched and tiered beams Built-in specific gravity platform Removable, 92 mm diameter stainless steel pan. Capacity 311 grams with a readability of 0.01 gram; calibrations: front beam 1 x 0.01 gram, second beam 10 x 1 gram, third beam 100 x 10 grams and rear beam 200 x 100 grams. 5-year warranty.

  • Capacity 20 kilograms with a readability of 1 gram and tare range of 2,270 grams Magnetically damped Stainless steel weighing platform, 11 inches diameter, base and beam are aluminum alloy castings with baked enamel finish. Complete with set of slotted weights of one 10, 5 and 1 kilogram and…

  • Aluminum alloy beam of box type construction with sliding weights Beams tiered with contrasting graduations for easy reading Enameled base has hole for mounting on upright support for specific gravity weighings Capacity 610 grams, sensitivity 0.1 gram; magnetically damped; capacity…

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