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  • The E-Safe Electrical Switch Lockout locks a wall switch in either the On or Off position.

  • Prevent accidents by controlling unauthorized or accidental use of energy. Valve cover is made of Polypro plastic and shaped into half-moons to completely cover the valve wheel. Lockout can be modified to fit smaller valves by drilling a hole aligned with the first and then closing the lockout…

  • Available in three styles. Rigid-plastic lockouts are available for double and single-pole circuit breakers. All breakers must be in the "off" position before installing the lockout. Single-pole lockout 1215F20 requires a switch breaker with a recessed hole. Accommodates breakers up to 14mm…

  • All are dielectric and resist chemicals. Temperature range: -46 to +182° C. Lock hole has a 8mm diameter. 1215E87-E89 Fits valves from 9.5 to 31.5mm Dimensions: 80W x 82H mm Handle length: 135 to 190mm Can lock in the open position 1215E90-93 Fits valves rom 37.5 to 62.5mm …

  • Made of .020 mil styrene Not grommetted Includes tie wrap 3 inch x 5-3/4 inch size Made of rugged stain Mildew resistant With necessary fasteners

  • Lockout Stations


    Put locks and tags in easy sight and reach. 1215F34: Dimensions: 28H x 35.5W cm. Includes four Master blue bumper padlocks, one 25-pack of DO NOT OPERATE tags, and three 2.5cm safety lockout hasps. 1215F35: Dimensions: 35.5H x 53W cm. Station includes ten 1.9 cm shakle Master locks, two…

  • For 220/550 Volts Red for increased visibility The E-Safe Electrical Plug Lockout comes with a plug that measures 3” x 3” x 6 3/4”. Also comes with cord. Dimensions are 17” L x 2 1/4” W x 10 1/4” H.

  • Highly visible Lockout/Tagout centers make your locks, tags, hasps and lockout devices easy to find. Small Lockout Stations, 18" x 24" Includes: (1) LSE101, (2) VS02, (1) VS04, (1) VS06, (1) BS01, (2) LP110, (1) LP550, (1) MS86, (4) MS101, (1) ELA290, (1) ELA255, (1) 3D Large…

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