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EnviroGuard Hoods, Disposable

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  • Head and Face Hood


    These head and face covers ("Ninja Hoods") offer dual protection—they protect your face from particulates while also protecting workplace products from contaminants you may generate such as saliva, hair, dander, and more. Wearing a head and face hood is a practical, win-win for you…

  • Microporous, clean processed hoods offer the perfect balance of safety and comfort. The fabric keeps dust and liquids out while allowing air to flow freely, so you stay cool as you put in a hard day’s work. These hoods are ideal for non-hazardous work environments where you need reliable…

  • Using state-of-the-art lamination technology, the MicroGuard MP® Microporous Full-Face Hood combines a soft, non-woven fabric with a microporous film. A tear-resistant liquid and particulate barrier helps safeguard from blood penetration, various industrial chemicals, along with dust, dirt, and…

  • ViroGuard® 2 hoods are designed with fabric and seams that have been rigorously tested for protection against blood and bloodborne pathogens. The durable fabric is built to withstand tears and abrasions in tough working environments. Taped seams add an extra layer of protection, helping to…

  • These sterile hoods are made of a comfortable fabric that protects against various liquids and particulates. Each hood is individually packaged and sterilized to a 10?6 sterility assurance level (SAL) preventing workplace contamination and cross-contamination. The low-linting fabric helps reduce…

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