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  • Formalin

    RPI (Research Products International)

    Widely used tissue fixative for common histology applications. Ready to use formula does not require dilution.

  • Staining Dishes

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    10-/20-slide unit This 20-slide unit is the standard for manual staining procedures. The removable glass slide rack has an open bottom to facilitate rapid immersion and drainage and eliminate carryover. The rack holds 10 single slides, 19 slides arranged alternately straight across and…

  • StainTray™ Slide Staining System


    Made of ABS Plastic Another user friendly approach to immunohistochemistry staining. This tray is also suitable not only for routine staining requiring a humid chamber but is also ideal for Hematology, Cytology and Microbiology laboratories. Manipulation is made safe and easy by using only…

  • SecurTainer™ III Specimen Containers


    Chemically resistant and shatterproof, The SecurTainer™ III Specimen Containers are supplied with a leakproof screw cap, particularly important when transporting hazardous material. Ideal for transport and storage of urine, sputum and most liquids or particulate samples. Containers are…

  • FD NeuroSilver™ Kit II

    FD NeuroTechnologies

    FD NeuroSilver™ Kit II is designed for the detection of degenerating neurons in fixed tissue sections of the central nervous system from experimental animals. The principle of this kit is based on the findings that some components of the neurons undergoing degeneration, such as lysosomes,…

  • Tissue Cassettes

    Starplex Scientific

    Effective for the embedding, processing and storage of both standard tissue specimens and tissue fragments. The innovative micromesh chamber securely retains fragments leaving ample room available for additional larger specimens. Full range of colors available for identification. Durable acetyl…

  • Standard Lighted Tissue Floatation Bath


    Features: Precision temperature controlled water bath eliminates wrinkles and distortion during preparation of paraffin embedded tissue sections Digital Microprocessor Control with advanced safety over temperature protection L.E.D. illuminated black background with transparent…

  • Thomas® Storage


    1221W74 Thomas® dispenser storage bins with non-slip feet, allow convenient one-handed access to cassettes, lids, and embedding rings, while protecting them from dust or other contamination. Bins are also ideal for bulk pipet tips, microcentrifuge tubes, test tubes, and other small laboratory…

  • Paraffin Dispenser

    General Data Healthcare

    General Data Healthcare's Paraffin Dispenser keeps your lab running efficiently by providing easy access to liquid paraffin as it is needed throughout the lab.  The Paraffin Dispenser’s advanced software and mechanical devices deliver unparalleled safety and paraffin quality. …

  • Urine Beakers

    Greiner Bio-One

    The urine beaker with integrated transfer device is suitable for both sample collection and for the hygienic transfer of urine into a VACUETTE® Urine Tube.

  • Crystal Violet Stain Solution


    Gram stain for differentiating between Gram+ and Gram- organisms using Safranin-O as a counterstain. Contains: 2% Crystal violet, certified grade, 0.8% ammonium oxalate and 20% Ethyl alcohol. bioWORLD's products are supplied for LABORATORY RESEARCH USE ONLY. The product may not be…

  • Tissue Cassettes with Lids


    Thomas® Tissue Embedding Cassettes, with separate plastic lids, eliminate problems often associated with integral hinged lids. Hinge breakage during shipping and unnecessary sample contact or loss while detaching integral lids can be time consuming and expensive. Thomas® cassette lids incorporate a…

  • VACUETTE® Urine Tubes

    Greiner Bio-One

    VACUETTE® Urine Tubes are used as collection, transportation and/or analysis vessels. The VACUETTE® Urine Tubes are sterile, leak-proof and virtually unbreakable. They are available as round or conical based. Furthermore, they are offered with or without preservative. Tubes with…

  • Alcian Blue


    Histological stain for acidic polysaccharides. High Purity Grade EM (610nm, H2O) >26,000

  • AzerPath Linear Stainer

    Azer Scientific

    The AzerPath Linear Stainer combines simplicity with consistent quality staining results. Ideal for Mohs techniques, special staining, and general surgical frozen sections. With a small foot-print, it will fit on top of most cryostats. The unit can be connected directly to current exhaust system.…

  • 99% Isopropyl Alcohol

    Azer Scientific

    Azer Scientific's isopropyl alcohols are designed for specialty fixation and dehydration in the histology lab.

  • Gram Stain Kit


    Contains one bottle of each solution:Crystal Violet, Iodine, Decolorizer, Safranin-O Counterstain The iodine reagent is a stable, single solution, requiring no mixing.

  • Coplin Staining Jar

    Globe Scientific

    Large opening for easy placement and removal of slides Screw-on cap prevents evaporation and contamination Five slots hold up to ten slides back-to-back for staining Made from durable, autoclavable polypropylene (PP)

  • Embedding Cassettes


    Made of acetal polymer Disposable plastic tissue cassettes are suitable for holding and identifying tissue samples in processing, embedding, and sectioning procedures. The cassettes fit securely in microtome chuck adapters. They are molded from a high density polymer that is totally resistant…

  • Sternheimer Malbin Urine Sediment Stain

    Globe Scientific

  • Mounting Medium

    Azer Scientific

    Azer Scientific’s Mounting Medium with Toluene is used for both mounting and long-term storage of slides. It has a low viscosity and gives a thinner adhesive layer for better optical quality. Used for preserving microscope slide specimens in Toluene or Xylene.

  • Wax Dispenser


    Features: 5 Liter capacity 1.25 gallons Rapid warm-up with an advanced safety one-temperature cut-off Heated valve ensures a consistent flow of molten wax Dispenser valve allows precise control of flowing wax and can be locked in the open position if desired 2-year warranty

  • HISTOSETTE® II Tissue Processing/Embedding Cassettes


    Made of acetal polymer Disposable plastic cassettes hold tissue specimens during processing and embedding, as well as in storage. Molded from a special high-density polymer, these patented cassettes keep specimens safely submerged in liquid and are totally resistant to the chemical action of…

  • Foam Biopsy Pads


    Blue Biopsy pads are made from uniform polyester reticulated open cell foam, which allows fluids to transfer safely and thoroughly around the tissue while holding the specimen securely. The thin 2mm design helps eliminate pressure from being applied to the unfixed specimen, reducing the risk…

  • Swingsette™ Tissue Processing/Embedding Cassettes


    Most convenient for cassette labeling instruments since the covers are packaged separately in the case. These disposable plastic cassettes hold tissue specimens during processing and embedding, as well as in storage. Molded from a special high-density polymer, they keep specimens safely submerged…

  • Neutral Buffered Formalin 10%


    Standard fixative solution used for various histology/cytology applications. For histologists that value the convenience and peace of mind of purchasing a ready-to-go solution. Our neutral buffered formalin solution is specifically formulated for histology/cytology. Every batch is quality…

  • SLIMSETTE™ Tissue Processing/Embedding Cassettes (4 Compartment)


    Made of acetal polymer The SLIMSETTE™ Tissue Cassettes Have four (4) square compartments, are compact, easier to use and more efficient than ever. Similar to the design of the M509 model, but is specially designed to hold biopsy specimens during the embedding process, as well as in a…

  • Blue Feulgen Stain Kit

    Azer Scientific

    Azer Scientific’s Blue Feulgen Staining Kit is designed to identify deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in cell nuclei. After staining, the cells may be quantitatively evaluated for DNA content visually or using commercially available imaging systems. This kit is designed for cytological specimens…

  • FormaPad™ & FormaPad™ Select Grossing Pads

    Azer Scientific

    Azer Scientific's FormaPad™ and FormaPad Select™ grossing pads provide a surface for grossing, while neutralizing and absorbing formalin.

  • SecurTainer™ II Tamper Evident Specimen Containers


    This model uses a different tamper evident concept when compared to the C575 Series. No locking tab is necessary when the tamper evident feature is used. Simply screw the cap on the container and the tamper evident sealing ring is automatically locked in place. When unscrewed, the ring is detached…

  • MH6616 Slide Drying Bench

    Electrothermal (Bibby Scientific US)

    The Slide Drying Bench aids in the preparation of microscope slides at the specimen mounting stage. It complements both the Paraffin Wax Dispenser and the Paraffin Wax Mounting Bath to provide a complete set of paraffin wax sampling equipment for the modern laboratory. Accepting up to 50…

  • Acridine Orange

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    (Basic Orange 14) Formula: C17H2ON3 Cl   Formula Weight: 301.82   CAS #: 65-61-2 Ultrastructural probes on DNA templates within human bone marrow and lymph node cells. Frenstar, J., Adv. Cell Mol. Biol., 3, 1(1974). Used to detect…

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