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  • Sani-Hands® Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipes

    PDI Healthcare

    An ideal hand hygiene solution for staff, visitors, patients or residents who cannot get out of bed to clean their hands. The cost to treat an HAI can be as much as $36,000. By preventing just one, a patient hand hygiene program could pay for itself for an entire year. #1 hand sanitizing…

  • UNISON™ Instant Hand Sanitizing Gel

    National Chemical Laboratories

    High-performance sanitizer for hands and skin; dries in seconds, controls a broad spectrum of pathogenic bacteria. Ideal for healthcare applications as well as schools and day care centers, office buildings; anywhere that added personal hygiene is desired. Features & Benefits Contains…

  • KLEENEX® ULTRA® Moisturizing Foam Hand Sanitizer

    Kimberly Clark

    This fragrance and dye-free formula is NSF E-3 certified, provides broad-spectrum antimicrobial efficacy, and kills up to 99.9% of the most common bacteria that can cause infection, contamination or illness. Clinically proven to improve skin condition in less than 5 days Contains…

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Select up to 3 products

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