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  • Chemistry Kit


    Corning brand organic chemistry kits utilize Standard Taper ground glass joints throughout, which enables most of the standard laboratory assemblies to be constructed with ease and efficiency. They are particularly useful in teaching and research establishments where assembly time is at a premium. …

  • This Corning® kit is similar to No. 6949 (Thomas 1234F29), as many of the same standard laboratory experiments can be performed with this kit. The kit’s PYREX® components all use 19/22 Standard Taper joints for standardization. It includes a distillation column and bleed tube for…

  • Basic kit is supplied complete with drawer-size polyethylene case in which components are mounted in foam The kit’s versatility enables many standard laboratory operations to be performed, such as: distillation, reaction with gas evolution, preparation or recovery, simple reflux,…

  • This Corning® kit is similar to No. 6949E (Thomas 7177U65), except the components have a 14/20 Standard Taper joint. The PYREX® kit components are held in foam within a polyethylene case. The case is approximately 130mm x 256mm x 343mm. For more detail on individual components of the kit or…

  • These PYREX® bombs are for the determination of gum stability of gasoline. The cover prevents condensed vapors in bomb stem from contaminating the sample, but does not interfere with free flow of oxygen. Made in accordance with ASTM D-525.

  • This Craig Recrystallization Tube is a replacement part for the 6949M series of PYREX® microchemistry kits.

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