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  • Ace Glass pressure tubes and bottles are the premier glass pressure vessels in the industry. Flat-bottomed bottles are rated at 60psi at room temperature while our tubes are rated at 150psi at as much as 120 degrees C. Due to varying conditions, Ace cannot guarantee glass vessels from breaking…

  • With standard taper 24/40 joint and outlet tube bent at 75 degree angle.

  • Used for collection and long-term storage of solvents. With standard taper 14/20 outer joint and 2 mm bore PTFE stopcock at top, double oblique 2 mm bore PTFE stopcock and standard taper 14/35 joint at bottom. Capacity is 250mL.

  • Replacement vapor duct tube for Buchi rotary evaporators. The 45mm length fits V assemblies and the 160mm length fits A assemblies. End joints are available in [ST] 29/32, [ST] 24/40, or [ST] 29/42 inner. The middle joint is tooled to fit the specific rotary evaporator for which it was designed.…

  • With return line to allow excess solvent to return to boiling flask. Suitable for ASTM D 95 and E 123. Joints are 24/40.

  • Connecting tube, 90 degree angle, with ends having constriction to hold rubber tubing securely. Sold in packages of 6.

  • Large distillation columns, jacketed with internal expansion bellows. Outer jacket baked out and evacutaed to 10-6 Torr. Columns are silvered internally with observation stripe. All columns are supplied with the proper number of bellows to withstand the 180 Deg C temperature differential at all…

  • Available with standard taper or spherical joint. Stem below joint is 250mm. Hose connection is size C.

  • Microscale Craig tube for recrystallizing small quantities of reaction product. Consists of a glass outer tube with non-uniform grind to purposely allow leakage, and a PTFE inner plug*. This plug eliminates breakage normally experienced with glass plugs. Volume stated is capacity below grind.

  • Glass, unjacketed reaction vessel design for use with our 7874 quartz and 7875 glass immersion wells. Instead of a standard taper joint, this reactor utilizes a height-adjustable, non-freezing #50 Ace-Thred. Also featured, a 14/20 angled joint for a sparger tube, a 24/40 vertical joint for a…

  • Sparger tube with Ace fritted bottom available in various porosities. Top has either 0-3 or 0-5 Easy Action Stopcock. The 90 degree side arm is available with a glass hose connection or a #7 Ace-Thred which promotes the use of our 5853-06 Ace-Safe conn

  • Schlenk filter tube with an integral glass filter disc at the tube's mid-line and featuring two sidearms with either a glass stopcock or a 0-3 inlet valve. Paired top and bottom inner joints.

  • Adapter, Claisen

    Ace Glass

    With glass stopcock plug on lower side arm. Top joint on center tube is 10/30 for 76mm immersion thermometer. Other joint is 14/20. Take-off arm is at 75 degree angle to the vertical. Plugs are 2mm bore.

  • Jacketed glass immersion well for use with our 7825 series lamps within our 6962,7863,7864,7865 & 7891 series reactors. Codes -30 & -40 feature a small diameter glass inner feed tube to ensure the flow of coolant from the bottom of the well up to the outlet. Codes -35 & -45 feature a PTFE inner…

  • Interchangeable, ground joint bearing with jacket for water cooling. May be operated as high as 2000 rpm using our 8119 high-speed lubricant. Can be operated at 1500 rpm unevacuated using our 8117 Stir-Lube. Hose connections for use with 5/16" or 3/8"ID tubing. Available with PTFE clad joint to…

  • Distilling Head

    Ace Glass

    With condenser jacket on side arm. Thermometer joint is 10/30 (see 8315 for thermometer listing). Side arm is at a 75 degree angle.

  • Unique adapter used in place of a Dean & Stark Moisture Test Receiver. Simply add a condenser to top standard taper outer joint, any graduated funnel from 125mL to 2000mL to bottom standard taper inner joint, attach sample flask to inner side arm joint and you have a moisture test receiver.

  • Anti-whip, glass adapter for protecting 1/4in OD probes within kilo scale reactors. Complete unit consists of a heavy, glass sheath topped with a 45/50 standard taper joint with a #25 Ace-Thred, one #25 nylon bushing with a #7 Ace-Thred tap and one #7

  • With standard taper outer joint and T-Bore, 2mm stopcock.

  • Unique device for carrying out sublimation directly in round bottom reaction flask; simply remove condenser, stirrer, etc. from joint, insert sublimation adapter and begin. Coolant connection at top and side vacuum connection are 9.5 mm (3/8") O.D. Vacuum connection is controlled by 1:5 PTFE 2 mm…

  • Complete reaction assembly utilizing an Ace-Thred instead of a ground joint for improved immersion well / cooling tube seal. Features a 14/20 angled joint for sparger tube, 24/40 vertical joint for a condenser and a #7 Ace-Thred thermometer joint. Actual working volumes are 40 to 50% of stated…

  • Reaction Flask

    Ace Glass

    With 4 mm bore stopcock for rapid removal of contents without disturbing the general arrangement of the apparatus. 4 inch ID conical flange requires Ace product family 6496 clamp for securing the head to the flask.

  • Borosilicate glass transition adapter to convert beaded pipe 2 to standard taper joint.

  • Vacuum, improved form. Material to be dried is placed in the inner tube, 15.2cm long by 25.4mm I.D. When the liquid in the distilling flask boils, the vapors pass through the drying chamber and heat the inner tube at a constant temperature. The vapors then ascend to the reflux condenser, condense…

  • Glass, jacketed reaction vessel design for use with our 7874 quartz and 7875 glass immersion wells. Instead of a standard taper joint, this reactor utilizes a height-adjustable, non-freezing #50 Ace-Thred. Also featured, a 14/20 angled joint for a sparger tube, a 24/40 vertical joint for a…

  • Flask Head

    Ace Glass

    Standard interchangeable Mini-Lab head for use with 9448-05 thru -15, 9451 or 9456 Flasks. Top has 14/20 joints with the exception of top center joint which is 19/38, large center joint is 45/50. Side arms are placed at the proper angle so that the the

  • Vacuum distillation head featuring glass or PTFE stopcock plugs which allow the receiver to be removed from the head without disturbing the refluxing solvent. All joints are 24/40 with the exception of a 10/18 thermometer joint which will accept our 5028-24 adapter and 6.4mm thermometers such as…

  • Sweep elbow available in 22.5, 45, 60,and 90 degree angles.

  • Vessel only, enables cooling of reactant material during photolysis plus the added feature of a 2mm bore, 1:5 PTFE stopcock at bottom for draining contents of vessel. Made of borosilicate glass to accommodate the immersion well. With one 14/20 angled joint for sparger tube, one 24/40 vertical joint…

  • With standard taper 24/40 joints. Length in centimeters refers to the effective length of the column as measured from the lowest to the highest indent of the column.

  • A special well fabricated from glass that is worked to a very thin wall for better heat transfer. Fabricated in two sizes for either 25mm or 76mm immersion, length of tube being measured from the bottom of the ground joint.

  • Distilling Column

    Ace Glass

    With honeycomb packing support sealed into column above the bottom joint. Packing cone has hole at bottom for complete drainage. Holes in cone are 3.2mm.

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