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Attention Thomas Scientific Customers

Due to current pandemic, lead times for PPE items are longer than what is listed on our website. Please expect shipping delays of all PPE products during this time.

  • 3 to 6 mm in diameter Diameter tolerance is ±0.75 mm PYREX solid glass beads are useful for packing in distillation columns, mixing beads and boiling stones. Beads are packaged in 0.45 kg (1 lb) boxes, which have a packing volume of approximately 360 cm 3 or 22 cubic inches.

  • GL14x5 GL14 chilling fluid or vacuum connector with sealing gasket, pack of 5. Fits some models of our glass condensers of SolventVap rotary evaporators and glass jacketed reactors. GL18x5 GL18 chilling fluid or vacuum connector with sealing gasket, pack of 5. Fits our SolventVap rotary…

  • Glass Beads, Borosilicate, Soda Lime

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Solid Borosilicate (5663F29 to F47) With diameters selected within a tolerance of ±0.5 mm Kimax brand specific gravity is 2.23 Soda Lime Glass (5663L13 - L31) Made of soda lime glass, specific gravity is 2.49, approximately spherical In 1 lb. packages …

  • Ace Glass pressure tubes and bottles are the premier glass pressure vessels in the industry. Flat-bottomed bottles are rated at 60psi at room temperature while our tubes are rated at 150psi at as much as 120 degrees C. Due to varying conditions, Ace ca

  • Porous discs for use in fabrication of special glass apparatus. Available in F, M, C and XC porosities. Pressure Limits: Fritted glassware is designed for low pressure vacuum filtration or gas flow. The MAX differential pressure should not exceed 15 PSI. Thermal Limits: Fritted glassware…

  • U shaped connecting adapter in standard tape and spherical joints.

  • Made of borosilicate glass Contains minimal heavy metals and is practically free from fluorine and alumina Strong, yet soft and pliable Suitable as a filtering medium due to its low alkali content Maximum service temperature 500°C Fiber diameter 0.008 mm

  • Schwartz type drying tube having 14/20 hollow stoppers. Stoppers have a hole that aligns with a serrated hose connection for on/off action. Overall height is approximately 170mm.

  • Micro impinger designed for sampling of small volumes of air at low jet velocity, as per EPA Method 6. Impinger bottle is graduated from 5 to 30mL in 5mL subdivisions. Both the bottle and stopper have 24/40 standard taper joints. The nozzle being replaced with an extra coarse fritted gas dispersion…

  • Glass Stirring Rod

    United Scientific Supplies

    Soft Glass Stirring Rod, both ends round.

  • Borosilicate Glass Stir Rods

    GSC International, Inc.

    Borosilicate Glass with Fire Polished Ends

  • Cased, open "core and coil" type transformers that supply the extra voltage and current required to initiate the lamp's arc and reduce operational power. Intended for use with our 7825 or 7883 series photochemical lamps. Carefully choose the correct power supply for your environment (voltage and Hz…

  • Heavy wall pressure vessels have an internal thread for use with PTFE bushings as pressure seals. The unique design allows hand tightening and loosing for easy access into the vessel. O-ring is positioned on the bushing above the thread for improved sealing. Vessels are useful for pressure…

  • Adapters, Offset


    With top outer and lower inner standard taper joints. Offset dimension listed is center to center of the joints.

  • With two standard taper inner joints that are parallel and at a 75 degree angle to the connecting tube. Distance between joints is 100mm.

  • Conical 4" neck with three socket joints in line, plus a 14/35 outer joint for thermometer. Use 6496 Clamp for securing to flasks. For use with 6475, 6476, 6477, 6479, 6480, 6481, 6491, 6492, 6497, 6498 and 9656 ACE Reaction Flasks.

  • Snyder Distillation Column, 3 Section Top Outer Joint: 24/40 Lower Inner Joint: 24/40 Column Height: 150mm Overall Height: 300mm For use with Kuderna-Danish flask.

  • Reaction Flask

    Ace Glass

    With 4 mm bore stopcock for rapid removal of contents without disturbing the general arrangement of the apparatus. 4 inch ID conical flange requires Ace product family 6496 clamp for securing the head to the flask.

  • Zirconia Beads


    Zirconia has a density of 5.5g/cc (100% more dense than glass - good for tough tissue). Beads are sold in one pound bottles.

  • Connecting Distillation Adapters

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Useful in the sub-boiling separation of mixtures having volatile components. Standard Taper inner joints are parallel Joints are the same size Manufactured from 33 expansion, low extractable borosilicate glass conforming to USP Type I and ASTM E438, Type I, Class A requirements

  • Design permits the cleaning of four NMR tubes at the same time. With solvent in the reservoir, rapid suction wets the inside of the NMR tube dislodging the contamination. An acetone wash followed by an air stream dries the tube in seconds. Rate of cleaning is approximately 4 tubes per minute. The…

  • Hollow fritted cylinder at the end of an 8mm O.D. tube. Cylinder is approximately 12mm O.D. x 20mm long. Overall length is approximately 10 inches.

  • Distilling Head

    Ace Glass

    With finger type condenser and 0-3 mm PTFE stopcock plug with PTFE ring seals for reflux control. The seals prevent O-Ring exposure to corrosive liquids and are backed up by a FETFE O-Ring. Thermometer joint is 10/30, all others are 14/20.

  • Double-walled, borosilicate glass Immersion Well for use with 7825-30, -32, -34, and -36 lamps. With inlet and outlet tubes for cooling or modified with a 4.8mm I.D. PTFE tube attached to a glass tube and secured with a #7 Ace-Thred bushing. Inlet tube extends down the annular space to insure flow…

  • Adapter used for reduced pressure filtration with plain stem buchner funnels. Top has a HEAVY DUTY tooled flare to accept the listed size pluro stopper. Hose connection is 10mm OD at the largest serration. ADAPTER IS NOT SUPPLIED WITH RUBBER PLURO STOPPER. CG-1052-A-14 Accepts up to…

  • Borosilicate glass connecting tube with 0-4 Hi-Vac valve assembly for setting up Schlenk lines. Can be used for solvent transfer or other volatiles with vacuum distillation directly to storage tubes or flasks. Both ends are inner standard taper joints. Receiving end has a drip tip joint. NO-AIR.

  • Adapter has a Nylon compression cap and a Viton o-ring to form a vacumm tight seal. Cap accommodates 5.0 - 7.5mm O.D. thermometer or gas inlet tube. To use it as a syringe port, simply replace the o-ring with a PTFE-lined septum. Supplied with one Nylon cap and one Viton o-ring.

  • Adapter Std 265

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    For enlarging the size of Standard Taper glass joints. Outer joint is at the top, inner at the bottom Manufactured from 33 expansion, low extractable borosilicate glass conforming to USP Type 1 and ASTM E438, Type 1, Class A requirements

  • Modified Dean-Stark receiver designed for solvents that are either lighter or heavier than water. The lower three-way PTFE stopcock allows for the withdraw or return of the distillate during the distillation process. With a 10/30 outer joint on the top of the vapor tube for a 3” immersion…

  • Vigreux Distillation Columns

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Vigreux distilling column with indentations over the entire length for improved vapor-liquid contact. KIMAX® column has a Standard Taper outer joint at the top and a Standard Taper inner joint at the bottom Manufactured from 33 expansion, low extractable borosilicate glass conforming…

  • Reservoirs used for storing high performance, low pressure liquid chromatography mobile phase. Complete reservoir system includes a plastic coated graduated bottle, a standard cap assembly, and solvent and sparging filters. Cap assembly fits GL45 threaded bottles and has a PTFE bulkhead with three…

  • One Pound Plastic Jars Chemical Resistant Glass Balls

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