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  • Wool plugs are often used in GC inlet liners to improve sample vaporization, and/or to keep non-volatile material from entering the column. They can also be used in packed GC columns, solvent desorption tubes, thermal desorption tubes, and purge traps to retain adsorbent beds. Application: …

  • Application: Analog signal from the chromatograph may be connected to a recorder with chart paper speed of 5 min/in. during an analysis to measure Glutethimide concentrations in the serum and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) using gas chromatography. Other Notes: Equivalent to Manufacturer's Chart…

  • Ferrules are suitable for the attachment of the column and other glass components to the system. Flexible graphite ferrules withstand high temperatures and are capable of compression. Application: Supeltex® M-2A vespel-ferrules were suitable for closing the opening of sorption tubes to prevent…

  • Reducing ferrule is a critical component of the compression fitting. It is important that fittings are easy to connect and also they must not give any significant extra volume to the system. This ferrule consists of two parts namely front and back ferrule. Legal Information: Supeltex is a…

  • Characteristics: Seals at 1/4 turn past fingertight. High reusability. Won't stick to metal or glass.Material Composition: DuPont VESPEL SP-21 (85% polyimide, 15% graphite)Maximum Temperature: 400 C Legal Information: Supeltex is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC

  • Swagelok® Nut Swagelok®


    Swage type fittings are one of the most popular connectors which are available in metal and plastic forms; they are very useful for connecting similar or dissimilar materials, like metal to glass or metal to plastic. The general swage tubing coupler has four parts namely the body, into which the…

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