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  • Short Stem Funnels

    United Scientific Supplies

    These powder funnels feature wide, short stems. The 65mm and 125mm sizes are made of HDPE, and the 85mm size is made of PP.

  • Reusable Polypropylene Funnels with Short Stems


    Durable polypropylene funnels are translucent and allow safe and easy transfers of solids or liquids from one vessel to another.

  • Polypropylene Powder Funnels

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Ribbed exterior, which permits free air passage when funnel is seated and prevents bridging Reinforced rim and smooth inner surface Autoclavable

  • Large Industrial HDPE Funnels


    Large plastic funnels made of polyethylene. Big plastic funnels are designed for transferring liquids. Maximum temperature for HDPE is 110°C.

  • ValueWare® 58° Addition Funnels

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    ValueWare® borosilicate glass 58° long stem addition funnel with heavy uniform walls and strong, molded rims Long stems are fire polished for long service life High resistance to chemical attack, mechanical, and thermal shock Designed from ASTM specification E1095, Type I, Class B requirements

  • Scienceware® Squibb Pear-Shaped Separatory Funnels

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    Exceptional Clarity for Phase Interface Visibility Durable, polypropylene plastic translucent separatory funnels are resistant to most chemicals, including hydrofluoric acid. Features a 4mm stopcock plug of non-stick PTFE and screw cap closure Steam autoclavable (except stopper) at…

  • ALL PLASTIC CytoSep™ Cytology Funnels


    These are so easy to use, and improve turn-around time while giving more diagnostic information. Being totally disposable, they eliminate time-consuming decontamination and cleaning. They are safe to use and reduce the risk of exposure to pathogenic samples. They also decrease the possibility of…

  • Plastic Utility Funnels

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Replace glass lab funnels with Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Utility Funnels, which are an excellent shatter-proof alternative.  5207H70 and 5207H78 are made from shatter-proof, autoclavable polypropylene 5207H86 has a large throat opening for faster transfer of materials…

  • Double CytoSep™ Cytology Funnels


    The Simport Double CytoSep™ Cytology Funnel with disposable sample chamber allows for two samples to be run simultaneously on a single slide and is ideal for immunohistochemistry work. The Double CytoSep™ Cytology Funnel provides a cell deposition area of 6 mm (28 mm squared) for sample…

  • Addition Funnel, Long Stem, 60° Angle, Wide Top

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    KIMAX funnel constructed with heavy uniform walls and strong, fire polished rims and stems to give a long service life. Funnels have a high resistance to chemical attack, mechanical, and thermal shock. Designed from ASTM Specification E1095, Type I, Class B requirements.

  • Plastic Funnel Holder

    United Scientific Supplies

    This non-corrosive funnel holder, molded in PP, can hold funnels with diameters of 3" to 6". The extra plate provided can be placed to hold funnels having diameter 1" to 3". Two tapered wedges are provided to ensure firm grip on rods measuring 1/2" or 3/8" diameter.

  • Funnels Long-Stem


    Available in 3 volumes and 3 lengths with 60° side angles. These ribbed long stem funnels are made from food grade polypropylene and take standard size filter papers. Ideal for hard to reach areas with or without narrow openings.

  • Cloning Cylinder

    Bellco Glass

    Cloning cylinders are used to surround a single cell to create homogeneous culture of cells rather than mixed population Flat end insures tight sealing with surface of culture dish

  • Glass Feeding Funnels

    Across International

    Ai 24/40 standard taper joint glass funnel.

  • PYREX Aseptic Filling Bell


    For aseptic filling of vessels Rubber tubing is attached to the top of the tubulation while the receiving vessel is placed inside the bell.

  • ALL PLASTIC Double CytoSep™ Cytology Funnels


    This CytoSep™ Cytology Funnel allows 2 sample deposition areas on a single slide. The disposable sample chambers do not need metal clips. Pre-attached filter card. This Sample Chamber is also disposable.

  • Scienceware® Drum and Carboy Funnels

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    Large funnels are ideal for filling drums, barrels, tanks and carboys providing ample volume and fast flow. The two smaller sizes have a handle at the rim for added stability. Molded of natural polypropylene plastic Steam autoclavable at 121°C (250°F)

  • Standard Stem Funnels

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    Sturdy polypropylene construction is chemical resistant and steam sterilizable at 121º C (250º F). Faster filtrations with filter-step internal design. Ribs molded in outer wall prevent airlock. Parallel funnel stem, 8mm O.D, fits into most narrow mouth containers. 1226C20: top I.D.…

  • Thistle Tubes

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    Make additions to burettes and narrow neck containers easily with this flared top thistle tube. Polypropylene plastic; chemical resistant, unbreakable, safe Steam autoclavable at 121°C (250°F) Dimensions: 27mm (1-1/16") I.D. top with a 41mm (1-5/8") O.D. flare …

  • Burette Funnel

    GSC International, Inc.

    Borosilicate Glass, 40mm OD funnel opening, 38mm stem length, 10mm OD of stem

  • VITLAB Funnels


    Polyproplylene funnels with volume markings. Available in a wide range of sizes.

  • SYNTHWARE Pressure Equalizing Addition Funnels, High Vacuum Valve

    Kemtech America

    Addition Funnel, Pressure Equalizing, High Vacuum Valve, Synthware, Capacity: 25-250mL available, Joints: 14/20, 19/22 or 24/40 available, Valve Size: 0-4mm, Valve has extended tip for semi-needle valve adjustment.

  • Funnels, Cold Addition, Airfree®, Schlenk


    Used in the preparation of block copolymers or any chemical synthesis requiring high vacuum techniques. Funnel features a large diameter ring seal between the coolant container and the addition funnel body thereby reducing stress and permitting for use of a wide range of coolants, from ice-water to…

  • SYNTHWARE Pressure Equalizing Addition Funnels, PTFE Stopcock

    Kemtech America

    Addition Funnel, Pressure Equalizing, PTFE Stopcock, Synthware, Capacity: 10-1000mL available, Top Joint (Outer): 14/20, 24/40, and 19/22 available, Bottom Joint (Inner): 14/20, 24/40, and 19/22 available. Stopcock Bore: 2mm or 4mm available

  • CytoSep™ Cytology Funnel


    All components are available separately. The Simport CytoSep™ Cytology Funnel offers the 1-ml fluid chamber component including the 1 ml fluid chamber, 1 ml base holder, 1 ml chamber cap, and the appropriate filter paper.

  • Biosart 250


    Sterile, disposable, 250 ml plastic funnels specifically designed for microbiological testing of pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, water and other liquids. Used in combination with a gridded membrane filter and vacuum manifold system such as the Combisart.

  • MEGA CytoSep™ Cytology Funnel


    The Simport ALL PLASTIC CytoSep™ MEGA Funnel provides an easy, efficient and cost effective method of producing high quality thin-layer slide preparations. It eliminates the need for stainless steel slide clips, offering laboratory workflow improvements. It is dedicated for convenient…

  • Polypropylene Lightweight Funnels


    Lightweight polypropylene funnels with ribs that prevent air locks, allowing rapid filtration Autoclavable to 121°C Made from food grade plastic

  • Utility Funnels

    United Scientific Supplies

    Available in three sizes, these funnels have eight internal ribs to facilitate filtration. They are made of polypropylene. Funnel Assortment These funnels have eight internal ribs to facilitate filtration. They are made of polypropylene and includes one each of the 35mm, 52mm, and 65mm funnels.

  • Industrial Funnels

    United Scientific Supplies

    Heavy Duty Polypropylene funnels include a molded in handle.  Designed to provide convenient filling of carboys, drums, and barrels.

  • SYNTHWARE Addition Funnels, High Vacuum Valves

    Kemtech America

    Addition Funnel, High Vacuum Valves, Synthware, Capacity: 100 or 250mL available, Joints: 14/20 or 24/40, High vacuum valve has PTFE O-ring at tip and PTFE wiper to protect Viton O-ring on shaft.

  • Chemware® PFA Funnels

    Saint Gobain

    The Chemware® funnel is used for ultra-pure liquid transfer in biotechnology applications, environmental analysis, semiconductor and electronic labs. The top cone has a high side was to limit splashing, while the narrow step fits into a range of containers. The low surface energy of PFA…

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