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  • 4-Way Flipper Racks

    Small footprint is perfect for the benchtop or under the hood. Suitable for use in ultra-low temperature freezers (-90°). Available in standard or interlocking versions. Accommodates all popular tube sizes, from 0.5 mL to 50 mL, and 20-25 mm. Rugged polypropylene construction. …

  • 4-Way Flipper Racks with Tray

    4-Way Flipper Racks with Tray Multi-tube compatibility. Four 4-way racks in a convenient tray. Each Flipper can be independently oriented. 4-way rack can be used either in the tray or independently. Standard or fluorescent colors.

  • Revolver Flipper Workstation

    Revolver Flipper--the Ultimate workstation! Add or subtract rack units to suit your needs. PCR workstation options: 48 x 0.2 mL tubes per block. 6 x 8 tube strips per block. 8 x 12 tube strips per 2 blocks. 1 x non-skirted or semi-skirted 96 well plate per 2 blocks. Four…

  • 96-Place Flipper Racks

    96-Place Flipper (8 x 12 format) The perfect partner for PCR prep. Side A: 96 x 1.5/2.0 mL Side B: 96 x 0.5 mL

  • Sliplock Flipper Racks

    Slide racks together. Lock for bigger workstation. Stack for storage. Fits into standard freezer racking. Autoclavable. Capacity: 16 x 0.5 mL tubes per rack. 24 x 1.5/2.0 mL tubes per rack. 60 x 0.1/0.2 mL PCR tubes per rack. 12 x 8-strip or 11 x 12-strip PCR tubes…

  • 64-Place Flipper Racks

    64-Place Flipper (8 x 8 format) A great replacement for cardboard or metal freezer racks. Side A: 64 x 1.5/2.0 mL Side B: 64 x 0.5 mL

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