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  • High sensitivity for low concentration of nucleic acid and protein targets. Optimized for use in all blue and green light chemiluminescence systems. Clear background for excellent contrast and improved band resolution. Publication-quality images. Easy to read. Easy to use. High sensitivity…

  • Amersham hypercssette autoradiography cassettes are designed to survive the toughest demands of research in the life sciences. Robust and chip-proof autoradiography cassettes. Light-tight exposures at temperatures as low as -70°C. Maximum contact between film and sample provides optimal…

  • Premium X-Ray Film

    Phenix Research Products

    Sharp contrast and resolution for sequencing. For applications using P32 and I125.

  • Hyperscreen intensifying screens are economical high-performance calcium tungstate screens. They can be used with pre-flashed film to give an increase in sensitivity while retaining a linear response that allows quantitation of results. Offer rapid results and high sensitivity for detecting ³²P…

  • High sensitivity for low concentration targets. Intended for radiometric or chemiluminescent applications. Clear background for excellent contrast and improved band visibility. Publication-quality images. High resolution at an economical price. Easy to use. High sensitivity for low…

  • BluBlot™ HS is a high quality, blue sensitive film that is ideal for a wide range of electrophoretic and autoradiography applications. It can be used with calcium tungstate or blue-emitting rare-earth screens. BluBlot™ HS exhibits excellent sensitivity and contrast characteristics…

  • Aluminum Cassettes have a push-button front for easy use. The lightweight cassettes feature a curved door with a nylon-covered foam cushion to provide exceptional screen contact.

  • Amersham amplify fluorographic reagent Fast and convenient fluorographic reagent for ³?S-, ¹?C- and ³H-labeled samples in gels. Increased detection efficiency 1000-fold for ³H and 15-fold for ³?S and ¹?C. Less than 2 h total preparation time. Can be used with acrylamide or agarose gels with…

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