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  • Gregar Extractor


    The Gregar Extractor† is the first major advance in laboratory extractor design in over 100 years. Developed by Joseph Gregar and Ken Anderson of Argonne National Laboratories, this extractor is the only unit on the market that can perform all three common types of extraction. During solid…

  • Two-piece grease-free sublimer with a flat bottom to enable heating on a hot plate stirrer. Condenser has a large top opening for use with dry ice / acetone or liquid nitrogen. Connection between the flask and condenser is made with a flat o-ring joint permitting parts to be gently separated for…

  • Micro Sublimer


    Micro scale sublimer can be used with quantities as small as 0.5 grams. The sublimer has a capacity of 3mL between the lower portion of the cold finger and the interior bottom of the flask. With 24/25 standard taper joints to connect the flask and cold finger condenser.

  • Micro size Soxhlet extractor for use with 10 x 50mm paper or glass thimbles. Extractor body has a 19/22 top inner joint and a 14/20 lower inner joint. Complete apparatus consists of the extractor body, condenser, and 25mL round bottom flask. Glass thimbles must be ordered separately.

  • Jumbo Soxhlet extraction apparatus equipped with a Duran flange at the top of the extractor. Flange is formed with a groove in the flat portion of the mating surface to accept a PTFE covered silicone o-ring to permit grease free assembly. The adapter between the condenser and extractor has a top…

  • Two-piece sublimer consisting of an upper water cooled CONDENSERS and lower flat bottom flask. Sublimate is collected on the inner wall of the CONDENSERS. The two components are assembled by a grease-free o-ring seal which permits the components to be gently separated for maximum product recovery.…

  • Soxhlet type extraction apparatus used for continuous extraction of solids with a suitable solvent. Extractor uses paper or CG-1372 glass thimbles. Condenser has an enlarged uptake tube to improve condensing capacity. Complete apparatus consists of an Allihn condenser, extractor and flat bottom flask.

  • Similar in design to CG-1360 but with the addition of a 2mm PTFE stopcock in the return tube. Stopcock stops the flow after the extraction is complete. For samples of 1 liter plus approximately 200mL of extracting solvent. Extractor has a 45/50 top outer joint and a 24/40 inner joint on the uptake…

  • Round bottom design has the return tube sealed into the bottom of the extractor for more efficient extractions. For samples of 1 liter plus approximately 200mL of extracting solvent. Extractor has a 45/50 top outer joint and a 24/40 inner joint on the uptake tube. Flask and condenser must be…

  • Adapter permits sublimation directly in any reaction vessel having an standard taper outer joint; simply remove condenser or other apparatus from joint, insert adapter and begin. Adapter has two components, the cold finger condenser and vacuum adapter. Adapter has a #18 Chem-Thread to allow for the…

  • All glass extraction thimble permits viewing during extraction process and subsequent weighing. Sizes correspond to CG-1368 or CG-1369 extractor. Available in coarse or extra coarse porosity.

  • Similar to CG-1368, but supplied with a round bottom instead of a flat bottom flask. All specifications are the same as CG-1368.

  • A grease-free, two-piece sublimation apparatus consisting of an upper water cooled condenser and lower vessel to hold the material to be sublimed. The sublimate collects on the lower end of the condenser which has a flat bottom. Condenser is constructed using a grease-free, threaded valve.…

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