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  • With an ACE fritted disc sealed in. Can be used in any standard Soxhlet extraction apparatus. The sizes below correspond to the size specifications of extraction bodies and will fit those units. Available in porosities A, B, C, D and E. All porosities of a given size are priced the same. Height…

  • Improved design of ACE extractor with Friedrichs Condenser in place of Allihn Condenser. Complete consists of flask cap, condenser, extractor, and flask.

  • Complete with bulb type condenser and one flask. Cycling rates may be doubled over conventional style extractors. All joints are interchangeable. The 82" size is supplied with adapter for connecting the extractor and condenser. This is necessary because of the extremely large top joint on the extractor.

  • A liquid-liquid extractor for use with lighter or heavier-than-water extracting solvents. Overflow and boil-up tube uses Ace-Thred Connections, thus allowing easy removal for cleaning to reduce cross contamination among samples. Complete consists of:Extractor Body, (approx.1.3L capacity),…

  • For extraction with liquids of lighter density than liquid extracted such as water with ether; 9422 and 9414 are used with extraction flask 9451.

  • Modified version of 7900 Apparatus. Sample tubes have been replaced with a flow-thru quartz or borosilicate coil for continuous radiation of small or large samples. Consists of a cylindrical lamp housing, medium pressure photochem lamp, quartz or borosilicate coil (with or without jacket), and…

  • Extractor body only, with stopcock for withdrawing samples from extraction chamber. Can be used interchangeably with the standard Soxhlet extraction apparatus.

  • Chamber only, for use extraction flask 9451.

  • Extractor, Soxhlet

    Ace Glass

    Soxhlet extactor body with standard taper outer joint at top and 24/40 standard taper inner joint at bottom.

  • Designed for U.S.E.P.A. Priority Pollutant analysis using Method 625 (base neutrals/acid extractables). Accommodates 1L sample and approximately 200mL of a heavier-than-water extracting solvent. Features an extractor body designed to accept a common condenser with a 45/50 joint, a 24/40 opening…

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