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Labnet Electrophoresis

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  • The ENDURO™ VE20 is Labnet’s large format vertical gel electrophoresis system. It distinguishes itself in its flexibility of applications and ease of gel casting and set-up requiring only 4 screws to secure 4 gels. The same gel tank can house a large format electroblotting assembly sold…

  • Designed to be User Friendly No Focusing Auto-exposure works even with faint bands ENDURO™ GDS II and GDS Touch II are the next generation Gel Documentation Systems from Labnet International. These gel documentation systems are used for visualization of DNA and protein stained…

  • Labnet International is proud to introduce the ENDURO™ GDS Gel Documentation System. This state-of-the-art imaging system designed for the basic imaging market provides an incredible combination of performance and value. It is a perfect fit with the rapidly expanding ENDURO™…

  • The ENDURO™ 96 is an ideal compliment to the Labnet molecular biology line. The 96-well format horizontal gel electrophoresis unit is compatible with 8-channel multichannel pipettes and matches up with the standard 96-well plate configuration. The average run time for this 10 x 12 cm gel is…

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