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Edvotek Electrophoresis

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  • Introduce chromatographic separation to your class and show them how dyes of different colors separate on the basis of their size and shape. This experiment contains materials for dye separation which include dye sample, elution buffer and plastic disposables. Columns may be rinsed and reused. …

  • For dye samples stable at room temperature Complete instructions, background information and study questions included Ready-to-load samples For 6 gels Agarose gel electrophoresis is a powerful analytical method for the separation of biomolecules. The Principles and Practice…

  • InstaStain


    Environmentally friendly Convenient Protein InstaStain™ (4313A69 and A72) Protein InstaStain yields consistent, quality results in five easy steps while minimizing exposure to stain. Environmentally friendly, convenient and easy to use, InstaStain saves time and money. Contains Coomassie…

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