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  • Armings with protective baskets made of stainless steel or plastic to use TetraCon® conductivity measuring cells as well as CellOx® oxygen sensors. Protection of the sensors against damage Robust design Easy mounting

  • Flow vessels for WTW conductivity measuring cells are perfectly designed to perform measurements without the interference of carbon dioxide through the air or to examine the conductivity of solutions in closed circuits. Important: The overpressure in the system must not exceed 0.5 bar.

  • WTW offers decades of expertise in high quality, rugged conductivity cell technology, and now the new IDS conductivity cells build upon this proven technology including the automatic transfer of the cell constant feature to eliminate operation errors. Two models are available to cover the entire…

  • MPP IDS – the digital multi-parameters (up to three main parameters) depth probes with built-in depth measurement to use in profile measuring Depth measurement of pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity - up to three main parameters simultaneously, including depth and…

  • Conductivity measuring cells with graphite electrodes in two and four pin models for standard measurements in aqueous solutions in the field and in the lab No measuring errors due to cable, polarization effects or changes of the electrical edge field Highest precision and linearity …

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