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Sensorex Electrodes Conductivity Electrodes

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  • The EM802-EC is our most cost-effective solution for connecting our S8000 series Contacting Conductivity sensors to a PLC or SCADA system. This small electronic module functions as a blind transmitter with a 4-20mA or MODBUS/RS485 output. No additional instrumentation is required to condition the…

  • Our CS150 Contacting Conductivity Sensor delivers accurate, reliable measurements of conductivity and total dissolved solids (TDS).

  • The CS200TC conductivity probes are a cost effective solution for measuring conductivity in light industrial and laboratory applications. The CS200TC features platinized measuring surfaces that provide accurate and repeatable measurements. Rugged epoxy bodies make the sensors virtually unbreakable.…

  • Originally designed for use in cooling tower applications, the CS8300 inline conductivity sensor package is an economical option for continuous monitoring of conductivity and total dissolved solids. Constructed in a CPVC body with graphite electrodes, this probe is ideally suited for industrial…

  • Our TCS3020 Toroidal Conductivity Sensor (Inductive Conductivity Sensor) delivers the most reliable technology for monitoring conductivity and total dissolved solids (TDS). Unlike contacting conductivity sensors, the TCS3020 is resistant to fouling, coating, and corrosion, and is designed for…

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