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  • Non-Adherent Pads


    Used for effective protection of cuts, scrapes and burns, the pads are easy to remove and don’t stick to wounds; they provide cushioned protection. A piece of fabric that is covered by a perforated film; white and soft with a smooth surface on both sides.

  • Non-woven gauze sponges are highly absorbent, double that of cotton gauze sponges with the equivalent plies. Leave patients with a soft and soothing feel with these lint-free sponges.

  • Dukal Non-Adherent Pads

    Dukal Corporation

    Designed to protect to wound site while promoting the healing process. The non-stick outer facing will allow the dressing to absorb, but not interfere with the granulating tissue by adhering to the wound. The easy removal of the pad will minimize trauma t

  • Protect and cushion the wound while absorbing drainage. The non-stick surface prevents adhesion to the wound, while the non-adherent pad with adhesive provides a convenient one-step application. Latex free.

  • Ideal for lightly draining wounds, these highly absorbent pads provide cushioning protection without sticking to the healing area. Sterile.

  • Sterile pads will not stick to wounds. Supplied in individual peel-open packets in handy dispenser boxes. Latex free.

  • Sterile. Made of a permeable knitted fabric that allows wound drainage to flow freely into the absorbent dressing. This helps keep the wetness from the wound, which minimizes maceration and helps promote healing. White petrolatum lines the dressing, provi

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