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Attention Thomas Scientific Customers

Due to the current pandemic, lead times for PPE items are longer than what is listed on our website. Please expect shipping delays of all PPE products during this time.

  • Clings and conforms to all body contours without sticking to wound. Provides soothing non-adherent protection with more convenience and less mess. Includes a special deodorizing agent - 3% bismuth tribomophenate. Non-toxic, non-sensitive and non-irritatin

  • Distributes body weight, helps prevent skin breakdown. Easily cut and shaped. Protects against abrasions, shearing and pressure. Can be stacked for greater thickness. Adheres efficiently to cushion skin, casts, appliances and other devices.

  • Soft, non-woven backing with adhesive border is gentle on skin comfortable, breathable, and provides ease of movement. Absorbent non-adherent pad collects excess exudates and protects wound from trauma.

  • A breathable dressing, impermeable to liquids, bacteria and viruses*. "Picture-frame" delivery -- preferred by caregivers. Secure adhesion, et gentle to the skin, breathable film, allows oxygen in and moisture vapor out, barrier to external contaminants and comprehensive clinical documentation.…

  • Ideal for lightly draining wounds, these highly absorbent pads provide cushioning protection without sticking to the healing area. Sterile.

  • Suitable for use on fragile skin. Advanced triple-layered construction. Absorbent hydrocellular pad. Perforated silicone gel adhesive wound contact layer. Adhesive border for gentle but effective fixation. Highly permeable waterproof outer film.

  • This multipurpose, transparent film dressing provides a thin flexible covering to help protect the wound surface or secure catheters and IVs. The dressings are water-resistant to enable patient bathing and transparent to permit observation without removin

  • First aid emergency burn care. Cools removing heat from the burn. Antimicrobial helps prevent infection. Water based gel easily rinses off with no residue. Low adherent dressing won't stick to wound. Latex free.

  • Zinc Paste Bandage

    Smith & Nephew

    Used in the application of unna boots for the management of venous leg ulcers. Also indicated for the management of skin tears and stasis eczema. Soothes dry skin and does not contain calamine. Made from a light open-weave fabric, is simple to apply and easy to remove.

  • An absorbent island dressing constructed with a heavy-duty absorbent pad and conformable, non-woven fabric adhesive backing. The porous structure of the Sontara® non-woven fabric ensures air and water vapor permeability. The fabric is stretchable, conform

  • This protective liquid dressing may reduce adhesive removal trauma during removal of tapes and films. Allows skin to breathe so tapes and films may adhere better. May also assist in increasing the interval between dressing changes. The No-Sting Skin-Prep® does not contain alcohol and will reduce…

  • This integrated hydrocolloid formula provides world-class wound healing effectiveness. We offer an ultra-thin hydrocolloid at 15mm. Our standard hydrocolloid is capable of besting the competition wear time while reducing profile and weight by 25%. The out

  • Lyofoam® Max T Foam Dressing

    Molnlycke Health Care US

    A soft tracheostomy dressing that absorbs exudate/secretion and provides protection of the skin around the tracheostomy tube. It consists of polyurethane foam and waterproof backing film with high permeability to allows effective vapor transfer.

  • Wound Management - Mesalt®

    Molnlycke Health Care US

    Helps stimulate the cleansing of moist necrosis (slough) in draining and infected wounds. Absorbs exudate, bacteria and moist necrotic material.

  • Hydrocolloid Dressing

    Smith & Nephew

    Maintains a moist wound environment for lightly exuding wounds such as skin tears and abrasions, as well as partial thickness wounds. A conformable, comfortable and cost-effective alternative for end-stage healing.

  • Dukal Sterile Burn Gauze Pads

    Dukal Corporation

    Can be used in conjunction with medications such as silver nitrate to enhance healing and facilitate cleaner wound environment. Whether being used for debridgement or to dress a grafted area or donor site, these dressings are the highest quality burn dre

  • Acticoat Flex 3 Dressing

    Smith & Nephew

    Consists of a flexible, low adherent polyester layer coated with nanocrystalline silver. It is a highly conformable dressing that follows the body contours to maintain contact with the wound surface. It is low adherent, which helps to minimize wound trauma at dressing changes. Nanocrystalline…

  • A sterile, waterproof bacterial barrier which consists of a non-adherent absorbent pad bonded to a larger thin film transparent dressing. Breathable film.

  • A sterile, waterproof, clean thin film dressing. Designed to cover and protect I.V. and wound sites. Sterile dressing provides a bacterial and viral barrier to outside contaminants. Breathable film allows for exchange of moisture vapor and oxygen. Notched design provides better seal around the…

  • A sterile, waterproof, clean thin film dressing. Designed to cover and protect I.V. and wound sites. Sterile dressing provides a bacterial and viral barrier to outside contaminants. Breathable film allows for exchange of moisture vapor and oxygen. Notched design provides better seal around the…

  • Dukal Non-Adherent Pads

    Dukal Corporation

    Designed to protect to wound site while promoting the healing process. The non-stick outer facing will allow the dressing to absorb, but not interfere with the granulating tissue by adhering to the wound. The easy removal of the pad will minimize trauma t

  • Composite Island Dressings

    Dukal Corporation

    Non-adherent contact layer that covers the wound site. Features a soft absorbent pad that collects exudate and protects the wound from trauma , non-woven backing with adhesive border that is gentle and holds pad in place,  and is also waterproof  to keep wounds dry and keep external…

  • Dressing

    Smith & Nephew

    The nanocrystalline coating of pure silver delivers antimicrobial barrier activity within 30 minutes - faster than other forms of silver. NUCRYST Pharmaceutical's antimicrobial technology is able to produce silver-coated polyethylene films that can release an effective concentration of silver over…

  • Sterile pads will not stick to wounds. Supplied in individual peel-open packets in handy dispenser boxes. Latex free.

  • Gauze

    Smith & Nephew

  • Non-woven gauze sponges are highly absorbent, double that of cotton gauze sponges with the equivalent plies. Leave patients with a soft and soothing feel with these lint-free sponges.

  • Absorbent Dressing

    Smith & Nephew

    A soft, conformable, water-resistant, non-adherent island dressing that ensures patient comfort and immediate acceptability. It is an economical all-in-one tape and gauze product with a first-aid dressing application ready for aseptic application. The acrylic adhesive, evenly spread on the…

  • Represents the next generation the next generation of innovative wound contact layers offering benefits to both professionals and patients alike. The ideal for a wide range of wounds.

  • Adult Face Dressing

    Smith & Nephew

    Uniquely designed to minimize trauma, save nursing time and lower total dressing costs. Replaces non-adherent dressings, gauze and abdominal pads. Designed to minimize adherence and is more comfortable for patients during the between dressing changes. Its Anti-Shear Layer™ helps reduce friction and…

  • This enhanced product with replace our current Melgisorb® calcium alginate dressing. Melgisorb® Plus offers increased absorption up to 2 times its own weight, higher wet strength for easy removal in one piece from the wounds and also minimizes lateral wicking of wound exudate thereby…

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