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  • MICROLIT LENTUS™ is a Bottle Top Dispenser (BTD) designed to provide precision and safety in Hydrofluoric Acid dispensing. Built by our in-house team of product design engineers, it uses Springless Valve™, an award winning technology, and Recirculation Valve for…

  • Bottle Top Dispenser with high precision and chemical compatibility for organic/inorganic chemicals Accurate and jam-free dispensing Fully Autoclavable at 121° C, 15psi. for 10-15 mins High chemical compatibility with SpringlessValveTM and PTFE piston Optimized user experience with…

  • Motorized E-Burettes

    Microlit USA

    Motorized titration system with touch enabled control panel and precise drop wise dispensing. Motor Controlled piston movement Re-circulation system allows quick purging Three dispensing speeds including drop-wise dispensing Computer Connectivity for data analysis Easy,…

  • Bottle top dispenser with dual mode re-circulation valve to prime the instrument without the loss of reagent. High chemical compatibility and smooth dispensing. Accurate and jam-free dispensing Re-circulation valve technology to prime instrument without loss of reagent Fully Autoclavable…

  • Bottle Top Dispenser with patented dual-inlet functionality to dispense reagents from 2 inlets. High chemical compatibility and smooth dispensing Accurate and jam-free dispensing Rinsing, Dilution, Re-filling and Purging modes with Dual InletTM Recirculation valve technology to prime…

Compare Tool

Select up to 3 products

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