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Attention Thomas Scientific Customers

Due to current pandemic, lead times for PPE items are longer than what is listed on our website. Please expect shipping delays of all PPE products during this time.

  • Spor-Klenz, Ready-to-use Sporicidal Disinfectant Sterilant


    This fast-acting, liquid cold sterilant / disinfectant requires no mixing or activation. Use wherever critically high level microbial control is required. Ready-to-use format eliminates errors in dilution preparation. Low-toxicity profile adds to worker safety. Undiluted, the product is sporicidal…

  • BDD Bacdown Disinfectant and Detergent Cleaner

    Decon Labs

    Use on Hard Surfaces Broad Spectrum Bacteriacide Virucide and Fungicide Effective with HIV-1 and HBV

  • SHOUT Laundry Spot Stain Remover, 22 oz., Trigger Spray

    Essendant Receivables

    Laundry Stain Remover, 22 oz., Trigger Spray Bottle, Color Opaque White, Fragrance Pleasant.

  • DECON-PHENE, 1 Gallon, Non-Sterile

    Veltek Associates

    DECON-PHENE is a synthetic germicidal detergent that is used where broad spectrum disinfection is required in moderate amounts of organic soil. DECON-PHENE is produced sterile by filtration at 0.2 microns in a GMP Class 100 manufacturing area and subsequently gamma radiated to a 10-6 SAL level.…

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