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  • Compatible with automated colony picking instruments Sterilized and non-pyrogenic Approximate growth surface area is 500 cm 2 224 x 224 mm inside dimensions Manufactured from optically-clear virgin polystyrene, square bioassay dishes are not treated for cell attachment and are designed for…

  • Advanced TC™ Dishes

    Greiner Bio-One

    Advanced TC™ - Cell Culture Dish Advanced TC™ polymer modification for fastidious or sensitive adherent cells Free of detectable DNase, RNase, human DNA Non-pyrogenic, non-cytotoxic With vents Sterile

  • Minimizes protein absorption, enzyme activation, and cellular activation Surface is non-cytotoxic, biologically inert, and nondegradable Manufactured from optically-clear virgin polystyrene Sterilized by gamma radiation The Corning Ultra Low Attachment Surface is a covalently bound hydrogel…

  • TC-treated Square or round shapes 100 or 500 cm 2 growth surfaces Manufactured from optically-clear virgin polystyrene and treated for optimal cell attachment, 100 mm culture dishes are sterilized by gamma radiation and certified non-pyrogenic.  Treated culture dishes have stacking beads to…

  • These high-quality, ready-to-use tissue culture dishes provide consistent and reproducible coatings with extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins or synthetic polypeptides. These coatings provide scaffolding that participates directly and indirectly in the regulation of cell growth and differentiation.…

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