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Decappers, Storage

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  • Manual 8-channel decapper for Push Caps Decaps 8 tubes

  • CapTrack™

    Globe Scientific

    CapTrack™ is the benchtop solution for increased efficiency, sample integrity and safety in blood processing labs! CapTrack is a portable, benchtop device that automates tube recapping, tracking and sample management for all small to mid-size blood processing laboratories. Patent-pending…

  • Manual 1-Channel Capper/Decapper/Picker Can also be used as a picker Enables end-to-end handling (picking / rejection / decapping /capping) without direct contact with hands and thus, minimises the risk of contamination and heat transfer.

  • The FluidX Aperio semi-automated system is compact and ideal for use on a benchtop. The system is designed for efficient tube capping in labs with medium to high throughput. Aperio offers the consistency of an automated decapping system, at lower price point. Using a semi-automated hand lever the…

  • Compatible with Most Internal Thread Screwcap Tubes - 96 Format SBS Racks. Automatically detects rack. Decaps, recaps or stores caps in 20-30 seconds per cycle depending upon rack height. One year warranty.

  • The X-CAP provides electronic semi-automatic sealing of microtubes and microplates in a 96 well format rack. Suitable for use with all 96 well format FluidX™ tubes with TPE septum caps, Micronic TPE capmats, Thermo-Matrix sepraseals and Abgene™ sealing mats. FluidX X-CAP…

  • AutoCapper


    The new AutoCapper from Porvair Sciences has been designed to take the strain out of applying friction sealing caps to deep well plates and tube racks. Simply place your rack or plate with its attendant cap mat in the drawer and push it firmly shut. The sophisticated electronics take over, applying…

  • XDC-96 is a stand-alone, high-speed whole rack tube capper and decapper that automatically removes, recaps or disposes of septum caps from a full 96-format SBS rack of sample storage tubes. XDC-96 PRO has all the functionality of the XDC-96, with additional features designed for integration…

  • FluidX IntelliXcap 96 is the next-generation capper and decapper, engineered for increased throughput, ease of use and high system reliability, making the system ideal for any laboratory managing compound libraries or biological sample stores. Features intelligent decapper technology that…

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