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  • PYREX® Class A Graduated Cylinders


    PYREX® Class A single metric scale graduated glass cylinders are calibrated "to deliver" in accordance with ASTM E-1272 and ASTM E-542. Each cylinder is individually serialized and supplied with a Certificate of Identification and capacity, traceable to NIST standards. Permanent…

  • PYREX Double Metric Scale Cylinders, Class A, Graduated


    Calibrated “to deliver” in accordance with ASTM E-1272 and ASTM E-542 The double scale, numbered up and down, is in durable white enamel. Supplied with shock-absorbing polyethylene bumper guards.

  • Class A, USP, Certified Glass Graduated Cylinders


    Class A, USP, certified graduated cylinders. High contrast blue enamel print represents the optimum combination on resistance and readability. Full ring marks and major graduations. Made with BRAND’s flexible screen stencils which ensures the volume markings match the calibration marks at all…

  • Plastic Measuring Graduated Cylinders

    United Scientific Supplies

    Our measuring cylinders are molded as one-piece in polypropylene. These autoclavable cylinders have raised prominent graduations for easy reading and have excellent contact clarity. The broad round base provides good stability.

  • KIMAX Class A Graduated Cylinder With Reverse Graduations

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Calibrated “to deliver” White scale Safety bumper Grade A cylinder features reverse metric scale and bumper. The “TD” (to deliver) appears on each cylinder and indicates it is calibrated to pour (dispense) and that the cylinder may be used repeatedly without drying.

  • KIMAX Educational Grade Graduated Cylinders

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Calibrated "to deliver" Single, white metric scale Ideal for educational institutions or general laboratory procedures

  • Cylinder Pharma Conical 500ml

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    KIMAX graduate with scales in both metric and U.S. customary units. Calibrated to deliver. Sizes 8 fluid drams (25 mL approx.) and larger are designed from ASTM Specification E1094, Type 2 requirements (also NBS Handbook 44). Sizes 4 fluid drams (15 mL), and smaller do not meet ASTM E1094 nor NBS…

  • Economy Polypropylene Graduated Cylinders

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Large, easy-to-read raised graduations Large rounded bases are ribbed for reinforcement and stability All sizes have generous pour spout; 10 mL size has a conical top for easier filling and pouring; non-wetting Calibrated to contain and deliver at 20°C Autoclavable, but…

  • Scienceware® Clear Graduated Cylinders, TPX

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    Clear TPX® (polymethylpentene) cylinders are non-wetting to prevent a concave meniscus, making the raised numeral, single scale graduations easy to read. They are shatter-proof with a wide octagonal base to prevent tipping and rolling. Glass-clear, for easy viewing High temperature…

  • Class B, Glass Graduated Cylinders

    United Scientific Supplies

    Cylinders comply with ASTM E-1272, Class B standards. Double metric scale, calibrated to contain. Borosilicate glass cylinders with pour spouts feature heavy uniform wall tubing and attached glass hexagonal bases. All cylinders come with bumper guards.

  • Disposable Plastic Graduated Cylinders


    For general and culture media use Sterile Highly legible graduations Economical Tip-resistant base Optically clear polystyrene cylinders are designed for sterile, accurate dispensing of culture media or other biological fluids. A polyethylene dust cover is included.

  • Hydrometer Cylinders

    United Scientific Supplies

    Made from heavy borosilicate glass, these cylinders have a beaded top with a pouring spout and a round base for stability.

  • Graduated Cylinders, Glass, Class A, Individually Certified

    United Scientific Supplies

    Borosilicate glass cylinders with pour spouts feature heavy uniform wall tubing and strong, stable hexagonal bases. All cylinders come with bumper guards. Single metric scale calibrated "To Contain", accuracy per Class "A". ASTM E-1272, meets USP standards, Serialized and Certified.

  • Polypropylene Graduated Cylinders With Blue Base

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Guaranteed to meet accuracy requirements of ASTM Class B, E 1272 and all requirements of ISO Standard 6706 Shatterproof - safer than glass No meniscus, so reading is easier Calibrated "to contain"/"to deliver" at 20°C Large blue base resists tipping All sizes have generous…

  • Graduated Cylinders, Glass, Class A, Batch Certified, with Stopper

    United Scientific Supplies

    Borosilicate glass cylinders with pour spouts feature heavy uniform wall tubing and strong, stable hexagonal bases and a glass stopper. All cylinders come with bumper guards. Single metric scale calibrated "To Contain", accuracy per Class "A". ASTM E-1272, Batch Certified.

  • PYREX® VISTA™ Single Metric Volumetric and Graduated Cylinders


    Calibrated to contain Plastic Hexagonal Base Blue Graduations Cylinders are supplied in two parts - a strong, accurate glass graduate and a detachable, sturdy plastic base which absorbs impacts and reduces breakage. Tolerances are 5% of total at any point. By removing the…

  • ValueWare® Graduated Cylinders

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    ValueWare® graduated cylinder with a white scale and marking spot Made of KG-33 borosilicate glass Provided with a detachable, plastic hex base, which provides for compact storage when not in use

  • Class B Graduated Cylinders, TD

    Wilmad-LabGlass - SP Scienceware

    Featuring a reinforced bead and pouring lip, these Class B borosilicate glass graduated cylinders comply with ASTM E 1272. The 5mL size has a funnel top. Calibrated "to deliver" (TD) at 20°C and suitable for general laboratory use. Reference No. ASTM E 1272

  • Plastic Graduated Cylinder Sets

    United Scientific Supplies

    A convenient set of 7 graduated PP cylinders in sizes 10ml, 25ml, 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml. Also available as a set of 4 in sizes 10ml, 25ml, 50ml and 100ml.

  • Cylinder Squat Form


    Format with graduations marked in blue print. 50mL  increments with 500mL graduation lines printed around  circumference. Less than 24" in height with stable 8"  diameter octagonal base. The base unscrews from cylinder for ease of cleaning and storage. Use for…

  • Borosil® Class A TC Graduated Cylinders


    In collaboration with Borosil® Glass Works, India, Foxx Life Sciences is proud to bring the outstanding quality of Borosil®’s USP Type 1 Borosilicate glassware to North America for the first time. Manufactured from the same low-expansion, chemically resistant Borosilicate glass North…

  • KIMAX Cylinders

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    For use in measuring particle size distribution in soil suspensions Approximate overall height is 18 inches Scale is durable white ceramic enamel Used in measuring particle size distribution in soil suspensions by means of a hydrometer (ASTM D 422 and AASHTO T88) While the…

  • Wide-Mouth HDPE Oblong Containers with Lined Closure


    Save valuable space and stabilize samples within the shipping container. Space-saving oblong shape and flat side panels allow bottles to be packed tightly into coolers. Thermo Scientific™ Wide-Mouth HDPE Oblong containers are an excellent general purpose sample container for liquid sampling…

  • Graduated Cylinders - Class B, PP


    Polypropylene (PP) and Styrene Acrylonitrile Copolymer (SAN) graduated cylinders have ring molded graduations at major increments for excellent readability. Blue print models have overprint for added legibility. Class B per DIN 12681.

  • Graduated Cylinders


    Molded of chemically resistant polypropylene with improved clarity Graduations permanently molded on and will not fade after repeated autoclaving Meets stringent international quality criteria according to DIN 12680 standards

  • Graduated Cylinders - Class A, Certified, PMP


    Polymethylpentene (PMP) cylinders have ring molded graduations at major increments for excellent readability. Class A per DIN 12681. Conformity Certified. Test Certificate includes lot number and year.

  • Short Form Polypropylene Graduated Cylinders


    Designed for increased stability on the bench and ease of handling particularly in restricted spaces. High clarity Polypropylene - safe unbreakable with good chemical and temperature resistance Self-draining base eliminates water collection during washing in an automatic lab…

  • Cylinder Bumper Wht Scale 25ml

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    The primary function of this TC cylinder is to receive liquids where volumetric calculations are based solely on the volume contained within the cylinder. Among other applications, TC cylinders are frequently used as receivers for the condensate from distillation procedures and…

  • Crystal Clear, Autoclavable PMP Cylinders

    United Scientific Supplies

    Crystal Clear, autoclavable PMP (TPX) Cylinders feature excellent chemical resistance. Permanent graduations are molded in. Pentagon bases provide added stability. Chemically non-absorbent and cleaner than glass. No wetting and no meniscus. Manufactured per ISO standard 6706-1981 (E).

  • Gas Safety Stand for Large Cylinders

    Spectrum Med

    This Gas Safety Stand keeps cylinders from falling, another safety measure in the lab. It locks the cylinder securely onto the stand at specific locations for maximum safety. The Gas Safety Stand is suitable for cylinders from 18 to 25 cm in diameter.

  • Graduated Cylinder - PMP, Molded Graduations

    Globe Scientific

    Graduated Measuring Cylinders Crystal clear polymethylpentene (PMP) Molded graduations - mL Wide opening with a tapered pour spout Shatter resistant and chemically resistant to most acids, bases and common solvents Withstands temperatures up to 170°C Autoclavable at…

  • PYREX Heavy-Duty Pharmaceutical Graduates


    Blown graduates of substantial weight for greater mechanical strength, are ideal for measuring hot solutions because of their heavy walls WARNING: graduates should not be subjected to direct contact with the heat source.

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