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  • Glazed throughout with the exception of outside bottom surface Outside diameter is measured at the top of the crucible

  • With perforated bottom Used for suspended solids determinations

  • CoorsTek Chemical Porcelain For Crucibles, Glazed all over except for rim. Made of 99.8%-pure Aluminum Oxide. Recommended for use with CoorsTek® Alumina Crucibles AD-998 ware is highly refractory, meant for use in reducing and oxidizing atmospheres.

  • Choose from high form, conical and cylindrical 99.8% Al2O3 Withstands temperatures up to 1,750°C Uses covers Useful for determinations involving molybdenum, platinum, rhodium, tungsten, tantalum and iridium.

  • Bitumen, with perforated bottom, glazed inside and out except for outside bottom surface and rim. Used for similar applications as Gooch crucibles.

  • CoorsTek unglazed rose style crucible. Unglazed porcelain crucible eliminates the possibility of a reaction between the sample contents and a (glazed) coating. Thermally shock-resistant. Material: Porcelain Ceramic; Capacity: 75mL, Diameter: 50mm, Height: 60mm Thermally shock-resistant …

  • Glazed throughout with the exception of outside bottom surface

  • This CoorsTek AD-998 High-Alumina labware high form crucible is made of 99.8%-pure aluminum oxide. It is highly resistant to alkalies and other fluxes This alumina-ceramic ware is especially useful to chemists, metallurgists, and others involved in high-temperature work demanding…

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