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Conical Tubes

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  • CELLSTAR® Centrifuge Tubes

    Greiner Bio-One

  • Litesafe Black Centrifuge Tubes

    Argos Technologies

    Argos offers a complete family of products to keep your samples, reagents and solutions safe. Unlike amber tinted tubes, these products are completely opaque, therefore protecting even the most light sensitive compounds. Argos LiteSafe tubes eliminate the inconvenience of fitting tubes with…

  • EZ Flip™ Conical Centrifuge Tubes

    Thermo Scientific Nunc

    Hinged flip cap for single-handed opening Chemical-resistant Leakproof Sterile EZ Flip™ Conical Centrifuge Tubes feature a patented closure system that allows one-handed opening and closing without compromising aseptic conditions. Manufactured to exacting tolerance, tubes are both…

  • Disposable Ultra Centrifuge Tubes


    New "Ultra Uniform" design allows an ultra strong centrifuge tube to centrifuge up to 70,000G It's affordable cost allows the tube to be disposable avoiding contamination problems caused by re-used tubes Contamination-free lid (caps) pre-capped with frosted surface for easy…

  • 30mL & 50mL Transport Tubes & Vials

    Stockwell Scientific

    Our Transport Tubes and Vials are ideal for transporting and collecting specimens. Manufactured from chemically inert materials, each tube is suitable as the primary containers for shipping biological specimens.

  • Sarstedt Conical Tubes


  • Sarstedt Freestanding Tubes


    Tubes with conical skirted base from PP, screw cap from HD-PE.

  • Eppendorf 25mL Conical Tubes


    The Next Level–Eppendorf Conical Tubes 25mL! The latest member of the big Eppendorf Tube Family fills the gap between the volumes of traditional conical tubes of 15 mL and 50 mL. Optimized height, outstanding quality and specifications make these conical tubes ideally suited for cell…

  • Conical Centrifuge Tubes


    Our tubes are made of the highest quality virgin single melt polypropylene with precision injection molds. These tubes are ultra clear, metal free, non-toxic and resistant to leaking and high speed centrifuge. Leakproof seal; one-handed opening and closing Super clarity and compatible…

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