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  • This specially designed PTFE condenser jacket is a replacement part for the PTFE Cyanide Distilling Apparatus (Thomas No. 0320A91)

  • High efficiency air condenser is a waterless glass condenser that requires no cooling water for operation. The glass bellows design provides a high surface area air condenser which is very effective. Performance of the high efficiency air condenser is equivalent to a Liebig type condenser…

  • Findenser comprises of an internal glass condenser and an external, finned aluminum jacket, between which a small amount of water is permanently sealed. The glass condenser is designed to have a greater internal surface area than traditional condensers, giving it increased heat transfer capacity.…

  • Condenser has a specially formed spiral inner tube providing a long vapor path, ensuring good heat transfer and anti-flooding characteristics. Condenser has a standard taper outer joint at a 15° angle to the condenser and a lower inner drip tip joint. Hose connections have an O.D. of 10mm at…

  • Reaction Vessel


    LIDS, REACTORS, 6-NECK FOR 57MM OD REACTION VESSEL BODY, EQUIVALENT TO METTLER EASYMAX, Reaction Vessel Lid, 6-Nk, for 57mm OD Reactor Body: 14/20 Outer CN, (3) 14/20 Outer SN's, and (2) 10/18 Outer SN's; Equivalent to Mettler  Easymax® Part # 51161619Mettler Easymax® is a…

  • Available with 200 or 300 mm long heavy-wall outer jackets PYREX® West condensers are designed with a heavy-wall outer jacket to provide a sturdy, long-lasting unit, while the inner tube has a thinner wall for efficient heat transfer. The tubulations are on the same side to reduce breakage.…

  • Tightly wound coil provides enough surface area to condense high vapor pressure solvents like hexane. With an internal, coil-type cold finger Standard Taper outer joint at the top, Standard Taper inner drip joint at the bottom 283000 does not have a drip joint Two hose connectors…

  • Microscale photochemical reactor with internally threaded connections both top and bottom of head. Top is #15 Ace-Thred that accepts 12.5-14mm O.D. tubes such as 9720-23 Finger Condenser; bottom is #25 Ace-Thred that accepts a 24mm O.D. quartz or glass (borosilicate) tube for photolysis…

  • This PYREX® Friedrichs type condenser affords very efficient operation. The helical inner tube fits closely within the jacket. The vapor tube is sealed to the jacket at an angle of 75° and has an outer 24/40 Standard Taper joint.

  • Graham Condensers

    United Scientific Supplies

    Graham condenser is designed for use in distillation applications. Constructed of borosilicate glass, this condenser has a coiled inner tube to provide additional surface area for highly efficient cooling. Socket is 24/40 with a screw thread connector.

  • Microscale air condenser normally used in reflux experiments. When packed with desiccant material, condenser becomes a drying tube. With inner joint at bottom, outer joint at top. Codes -10, -14 and -17 supplied with drip tip for use with 9595 Spinning Band Column. Effective length, approximately…

  • Vigreux Distilling Columns

    United Scientific Supplies

    A Vigreux column is a type of air condenser where the simple tube has been modified to include an abundance of downward-pointing indentations. This dramatically increases the surface area per unit length of the condenser. Includes a 24/40 connector.

  • Double-jacketed, with standard taper 24/40 inner and outer joint at bottom and top. Extra cooling capacity for volatile materials. Compact design retards diffusion. With #7 Ace-Thred and Ace-Safe PTFE hose connections on inlet and outlet with barb for

  • Condensers

    GSC International, Inc.

    Our 300mm West Condenser is made from high-quality borosilicate glass and has a sealed inner tube, two inlet/outlet arms, and 24/40 ground glass joints. Our Hemple Condenser is made from high-quality borosilicate glass and has a 300mm long condensing column. Our Liebig Condensers are made…

  • Friedrichs Condenser, Joint: 24/40, Overall Height: 330mm, Hose Connection: 10mm

  • Borosil® Graham Condensers are a coiled distillate option that have an interchangeable inner and outer joint with a drip tip. The Graham Condenser has a coiled inner condensation tube providing a larger surface area for highly efficient cooling. Typical uses are for a chemical distillation…

  • SYNTHWARE Allihn Condensers

    Kemtech America

    Allihn Condenser Jacket Length: 120, 200, 300 or 400mm available Joints: 14/20, 19/22 or 29/42 available Hose Connection OD: 8 or 10mm With outer joint at the top and inner joint at the bottom.

  • The PYREX® distilling condenser has 19/22 Standard Taper inner and outer joints, is simple in design and easy to use. Side tubulations are 10mm O.D. Distilling condensers are widely used in the lab, especially for fractionation. This condenser is also a replacement for organic chemistry kit No.…

  • Cold Finger accessory for standard distilling heads and systems. This cold finger has an inner joint that fits inside the upper outer joint and tube to provide added cooling ability and faster condensation. Fits into 6606, 6609, and 6613 distillation h

  • By closing stopcock, serves as a reflux condenser; open serves as a still head for Claisen type distillation. Top joint can be used for thermometer or cold finger condenser insertion. Side vent enables head to be used in vacuum distillation. Jacketed section 140mm.

  • Suitable for the use in vacuum distillations With Standard Taper drip tip joint at bottom and Standard Taper outer joint at top The 8” condenser has Standard Taper 19/38 joints; others have 24/40 joints

  • Condenser, Allihn

    Ace Glass

    Bulb type, approximately one bulb per 50mm, with water cooled standard taper 24/40 inner and outer joint at bottom and top.

  • High through-put, high capacity triple coil condenser has even higher capacity than double coil or rotary evaporator type condensers. Unit is designed with three internal coils for processing large volumes of cooling water and large volumes of material

  • Reflux Condensers


    Reflux condenser having an internal coil that is water jacketed. Vapors are condensed both on the coil and the inner wall of the jacket. The top end has a standard taper outer joint and the lower end has an inner drip tip joint. Hose connections have an O.D. of 10mm at the middle serration.

  • Insert allows the coversion of a "C" type dry ice condenser for use with either tap water or a chilled circulator. Inlet and outlet are GL-14 threads and supplied complete with caps and detachable hose connections. Also supplied with a PTFE centering ring.

  • With water cooled standard taper 24/40 inner and outer joint at bottom and top. Hose connections are size D.

  • Condenser has a large opening at the top for use with dry ice/acetone or liquid nitrogen. Condenser has a lower inner drip tip joint and hose connections with an O.D. of 10mm at the middle serration. NOTE: See CG-4519 For Solvent Recovery Traps used with Rotary Evaporators.

  • Condenser Graham Standard Joints

    GSC International, Inc.

    Our Graham condensers are made from high-quality borosilicate glass and have a sealed, coiled inner tube and two inlet/outlet arms. These condensers have standard joints, but we also sell Graham condensers with 24/40 ground glass joints . PRODUCT WARNINGS Our products are not toys . Use…

  • Coil Reflux Condensor, Microscale, Synthware, Joint: 14/10, for low boiling solvents, supplied with one compression cap, one Viton O-ring and one PTFE-faced silicone septum.

  • Glass Vacuum Adapters

    United Scientific Supplies

    Vacuum adapters have 24/40 joints. Bent adapter has a 105° angle between the top outer joint and bottom inner joint. Straight adapter has a top outer joint and bottom inner joint. Both adapters have 24/40 joints and include a 3/8" hose connector.

  • Dewar Condenser, Micro Joints: 14/20 Inside Depth: 90mm Inside Diameter: 31mm Side joint is at 90 degree angle.

  • Borosilicate glass Allihn style condenser except with a 45 degree angle from bottom joint. New Style saves height space vs. standard vertical condensers. Has matching top and bottom standard taper joints Hose barbs are size D glass, off side of body to

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