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Attention Thomas Scientific Customers

Due to current pandemic, lead times for PPE items are longer than what is listed on our website. Please expect shipping delays of all PPE products during this time.

  • Keck Clips

    United Scientific Supplies

    Plastic conical joint clips are size 24, designed to securely hold 24/40 joint size glassware together.  Note: Clips shipped are blue

  • Suitable for refluxing, extracting and distilling operations With Standard Taper 24/40 drip tip joint at bottom All sizes take stopper size 3

  • Allihn - suitable for use in vacuum distillations With condensing tube expanded by series of bulbs which increase condensing area and lengthen condensate path Inlet and outlet tubes are on opposite sides of the jacket All sizes take stopper size 3 and have Standard Taper drip…

  • Condenser has a specially formed spiral inner tube providing a long vapor path, ensuring good heat transfer and anti-flooding characteristics. Condenser has a standard taper outer joint at a 15° angle to the condenser and a lower inner drip tip joint. Hose connections have an O.D. of 10mm at…

  • The PYREX® distilling condenser has 19/22 Standard Taper inner and outer joints, is simple in design and easy to use. Side tubulations are 10mm O.D. Distilling condensers are widely used in the lab, especially for fractionation. This condenser is also a replacement for organic chemistry kit No.…

  • Microscale, water-jacketed condenser used in reflux experiments. With outer joint at top externally threaded to allow an O-RING-CAP-SEAL connection with mating male joints and inner joint at bottom, with drip tip. I.D. of inner tube on code -23 is sufficiently large enough to accept regular size…

  • Condenser, Allihn

    Ace Glass

    Bulb type, approximately one bulb per 50 mm, with various joint sizes at bottom and top. Available with hose barbs or Ace-Safe connectors.,/p>

  • Allihn Reflux Condenser with a water cooled inner drip tip at the bottom for Soxhlet Extractors. Joint Size: Available in 34/45, 45/50, and 55/50 Jacket Length: Available in 190, 260, and 300mm.

  • This unique design combines some of the best features for refluxing in a single condenser. Coolant, introduced into the upper hose connection, fills a large cold finger that is wrapped with coils. After the coolant travels through the coils, it enters the water jacket to maximize cooling surface…

  • This PYREX® general purpose condenser can be used for either distillation or extraction. Although the condensing area per unit length of the 200mm long jacket is low, the large capacity water jacket gives efficient cooling. Condenser tubulations are approximately 10mm O.D. The adapter end is…

  • SYNTHWARE Reflux Condensers

    Kemtech America

    Coil style reflux condenser with tightly wrapped coil providing maximum cooling. Excellent for use with volatile solvents. Condenser has a top outer standard taper joint and lower inner drip tip joint. Hose connections have an O.D. of 8mm or 10mm at the middle serration.

  • Rotary Evaporator Condenser, Vertical Double coil condenser for use with Heidolph rotary evaporators Top Joint: 19/38, Spherical Joint: 35/20 ball and Inlet Feed Tube

  • No Hold Up condenser with standard taper 24/40 inner and outer joint at bottom and top, #7 Ace-Thred inlet/outlet for connecting Ace-Safe hose connections with barb for 1/4" I.D. tubing. For replacement hose connections, see 5853. Complete item include

  • Reaction Vessel


    LIDS, REACTORS, 6-NECK FOR 57MM OD REACTION VESSEL BODY, EQUIVALENT TO METTLER EASYMAX, Reaction Vessel Lid, 6-Nk, for 57mm OD Reactor Body: 14/20 Outer CN, (3) 14/20 Outer SN's, and (2) 10/18 Outer SN's; Equivalent to Mettler  Easymax® Part # 51161619Mettler Easymax® is a…

  • Findenser comprises of an internal glass condenser and an external, finned aluminum jacket, between which a small amount of water is permanently sealed. The glass condenser is designed to have a greater internal surface area than traditional condensers, giving it increased heat transfer capacity.…

  • Similar to CG-1213, but having a larger diameter jacket and coil, thereby providing maximum cooling capacity, while being shorter in length. Jacket has an O.D. of 41mm while the coil O.D. is 8mm. Excellent for use with high vapor pressure solvents. Condenser has a top outer standard taper joint and…

  • Coil Condensers


    For use in construction of spiral or Graham style CONDENSERSs. Coils can be sealed together to form longer lengths.

  • Vigreux Distilling Columns

    United Scientific Supplies

    A Vigreux column is a type of air condenser where the simple tube has been modified to include an abundance of downward-pointing indentations. This dramatically increases the surface area per unit length of the condenser. Includes a 24/40 connector.

  • Similar to CG-1210 but with the 24/40 outer joint replaced with a serrated hose connection for use with a drying tube. This style condenser is used primarily in Soxhlet extractions or in reflux mode. Hose connections have an O.D. of 10mm at the middle serration.

  • The improved design of ACE extractor condensers permits greater condensing capacity, cycling rates may be doubled over conventional style extractors. Complete consists of flask cap, condenser, extractor, and flask.

  • This PYREX® Friedrichs type condenser affords very efficient operation. The helical inner tube fits closely within the jacket. The vapor tube is sealed to the jacket at an angle of 75° and has an outer 24/40 Standard Taper joint.

  • Reflux Solvent Still, Microscale, Synthware, Capacity: 25mL, Joints: 14/20, Stopcock Bore: 2mm.

  • Suitable for the use in vacuum distillations With Standard Taper drip tip joint at bottom and Standard Taper outer joint at top The 8” condenser has Standard Taper 19/38 joints; others have 24/40 joints

  • SYNTHWARE West Condensers

    Kemtech America

    West Condenser Joints: 14/20, 19/22, and 24/40 available Jacket Length: 110, 190, 200, and 300mm available Narrow annular space for fast collant speed thus high cooling efficiency.

  • Liebig Condensers

    United Scientific Supplies

    Liebig condensers are used to cool and condense hot vapor as part of a distilling apparatus. This condenser has a straight inner tube that the condensing vapor passes through, and a larger outer jacket that cooling water passes through. Socket is 24/40

  • Borosil® Liebig Condensers have an interchangeable inner and outer joint with a drip tip. This simple design has a thin wall for the inner tube, facilitating efficient heat transfer with a low cooling capacity. Most common forms of use are distillate separation. The outer glass tube has two…

  • Condenser, Graham

    Ace Glass

    With standard taper 24/40 outer joint at top. Hose connections are size D, for 3/8in ID tubing.

  • SYNTHWARE Allihn Condensers

    Kemtech America

    Allihn Condenser Jacket Length: 120, 200, 300 or 400mm available Joints: 14/20, 19/22 or 29/42 available Hose Connection OD: 8 or 10mm With outer joint at the top and inner joint at the bottom.

  • Unique one-piece distilling condenser is actually a 75° adapter, highly efficient coil condenser and vacuum adapter in a compact one-piece unit. Available with a choice of three sizes of condensers with uptake inner joint as listed. Top thermometer joint is a 10/30 outer for use with a 3in…

  • Replacement condenser for Buchi rotary evaporators. Available plain or safety coated. Includes PTFE hose barbs,GL caps and plug.

  • Borosil® Graham Condensers are a coiled distillate option that have an interchangeable inner and outer joint with a drip tip. The Graham Condenser has a coiled inner condensation tube providing a larger surface area for highly efficient cooling. Typical uses are for a chemical distillation…

  • Allihn Condensers


    Allihn style reflux condenser with a plain tubulation at the top and a lower inner drip tip joint. Hose connections have an O.D. of 10mm at the middle serration.

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