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  • As the premier column for method development, the 1.7 um ACQUITY UPLC BEH C18 sorbent provides you with the most universal column choice for UPLC separations. The trifunctionally bonded BEH particle gives you the widest usable pH range (pH 1-12), superior low pH stability, and ultra-low column…

  • CORTECS C18 Columns are general purpose, high-efficiency columns based on a solid-core particle that offer balanced retention of acids, bases and neutrals at low and mid-range pH.

  • The universal, silica-based bonded phase used for the ACQUITY HSS T3 sorbents is compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phase and should be your first choice when developing separations for polar and non-polar compounds. The ACQUITY HSS T3 UPLC columns exhibit ultra-low MS bleed and are fully scalable…

  • ACQUITY UPLC HSS C18 chemistry is an ultra-performance general purpose C18 bonded phase that provides superior peak shape for bases, increased retention (vs. ACQUITY UPLC BEH C18 columns), and extremely long column lifetimes at low pH. ACQUITY HSS C18 columns are fully scalable and transferable to…

  • ACQUITY BEH Shield RP18 columns complement the ACQUITY BEH C18 and C8 phases and provide a necessary and powerful tool for HPLC method development. The embedded carbamate group in the bonded phase ligand provides alternate selectivity, especially for phenolic compounds compared to straight chain…

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