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  • Distilling Column

    Ace Glass

    Vacuum jacketed and silvered with observation stripe. Also available unsilvered. With an enlarged bulb knockdown section that removes high boiling ends without choking. Length of packing section is 100 or 200mm, I.D. approximately 10mm. With indents to

  • With male drip tip on joint of Claisen side arm and 10/30 joint for 25 mm immersion thermometer. Other joints are 14/20.

  • Jacket length 250 mm, with indents for supporting glass beads or other packing.

  • Oil baths heated by Instatherm®, an integral noble metal alloy fused permanently to the glass & covered with a tough silicone rubber treated glass cloth insulation which serves as a thermal barrier as well as protection against physical shock. Rapid heat response - low thermal lag. For…

  • Length in millimeters refers to the effective length of the column as measured from the lowest to the highest indent of the column. Available in a microscale version, top center joint is 14/10 externally threaded for making an O-Ring-Cap-Seal type conn

  • A high efficiency, low holdup, low pressure drop fractionating column, vacuum jacketed with observation stripe. Suitable for samples as small as 2mL. Center tube is removable for cleaning. Double expansion spiral eliminates choking. Joints are 14/20. A

  • Plain type, 10mm I.D. with indents for supporting glass beads or other packing.

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Select up to 3 products

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