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  • SampliQ Silica C18 Endcapped SPE Cartridges

    Agilent Technologies

    Reversed Phase (Non-Polar) 25% carbon loading Silica-based particles reduce pressure drop and increase flow reproducibility Average particle size of 45 µm and pore diameter of 60Å to reduce pressure drop and increase flow reproducibility Agilent’s trifunctional…

  • PYREX® Chromatography Column with Reservoir and PTFE Product Standard Stopcock


    These PYREX® chromatography columns have a reservoir at top and a Product Standard 2mm bore PTFE (Polytetrafluorethylene) plug stopcock at the bottom. The top opening will accept a #2 rubber stopper.

  • CHROMABOND® Diamino


    Special silica phase for determination of pesticides in food samples Features Base material silica, pore size 60 Å, particle size 45 μm, specific surface 500 m2/g, pH stability 2–8 Primary and Secondary Amine functions (PSA), 5 % C Removes polar compounds (e.g.,…

  • Hydrosphere C18 120A 3um Column


  • Press-Fit Capillary Column Connectors

    Agilent Technologies

    In the past it was necessary to use Press-fit connectors with specific dimensions to connect columns of those dimensions. Modern Press-fit connectors are “laser-milled” to provide highly reproducible taper angles throughout the length of the Press-fit insuring an excellent seal. Now the…



    Synonym: SCX column eCl@ss 32110501 General Description The LC-SCX cation-exchange columns have strongly acidic propylsulfonic acid groups and are used for separating cations. Adjust pH, ionic strength, and organic modifier concentration to control retention and selectivity. …

  • Pro C18 RS 80A 3um Column


  • Column GC Cap High Efficiency DB-35ms 20m, 0.18mm, 0.18um

    Agilent Technologies

    Virtually equivalent to a (35%-Phenyl)-methylpolysiloxane Midpolarity Very low bleed characteristics Extended temperature limit of 340/360°C Excellent inertness for active compounds Ideal for conformational analyses Bonded, cross-linked and solvent rinsable

  • Hypersil GOLD aQ Analytical HPLC Columns, 3µm Particle Size

    Thermo Scientific

    Thermo Scientific™ Hypersil GOLD aQ polar endcapped C18 columns provide a controlled interaction mechanism by which polar analytes can be retained and resolved. Based on high purity silica, Hypersil GOLD is a state of the art family of columns designed to meet the challenges of modern…

  • Phenyl 120A 20um Column


  • OL Series Reversed-Phase C8 Columns

    Separation Methods Technologies

    OL Series SMT SAM-C8 phase with the lowest functional ligand coverage confirmed with carbon analysis results of 6% carbon load. In these series, the proportional ratio of the functional ligand, octyl or C8 molecule , mixed with the proprietary spacer molecule, is reduced. The result is a…

  • Triart C18 120A 5um Column


  • PAG Capillary GC Column


    Application: This column fills the polarity space between a 50% phenyl substituted column and a classical wax-type column, due to its polarity being slightly lower than a wax-type column. It is well suited for analyses of alcohols. USP Code: This column meets USP G18 requirements. …

  • TELOS® Alumina SPE Columns


    Alumina (acidic, basic, and neutral) are polar SPE sorbents commonly used to isolate compounds from nonpolar solvents. Columns are made of polypropylene and feature Luer-slip outlet.

  • Hypersil GOLD C8 HPLC Columns, 3µm Particle Size

    Thermo Scientific

    Thermo Scientific™ Hypersil GOLD C8 HPLC Columns are recommended for analytes with medium hydrophobicity or when a less hydrophobic phase is required to obtain optimum retention. Based on high purity silica, Hypersil GOLD is a state of the art family of columns designed to meet the challenges of…

  • HP-Fast GC Residual Solvent, 5" Cage

    Agilent Technologies

    GC capillary columns are typically wound on 7 inch cages that fit into standard-sized GCs like the 6890. The 6850 GC has a smaller oven which requires the use of columns wound on a smaller cage diameter. Equivalent to USP Phase G43 Thinner film reduces run time by 2.5 times and…

  • Hydrosphere C18 120A 5um Column


  • Pro C4 120A 3um Column


  • G-Trap™ FPLC Columns


    G-Trap™ FPLC Columns are empty columns designed for fast protein liquid chromatography. G-Trap™ FPLC Columns are made of polypropylene and come in 1 ml and 5 ml sizes. Features: Column material:  polypropylene   (PP) Frit material:  Ultra high…

  • BPX5 Capillary Columns


    5% Phenyl Polysilphenylene-Siloxane High temperature General Purpose GC column - suitable for over 80% of all routine analyses performed by gas chromatography Very Low Bleed - ideal for trace analysis Non-Polar Extremely inert Ideal for GC-MS Application Areas: …

  • Instatherm® Oil Bath

    Ace Glass

    Oil baths heated by Instatherm®, an integral noble metal alloy fused permanently to the glass & covered with a tough silicone rubber treated glass cloth insulation which serves as a thermal barrier as well as protection against physical shock. Rapid heat response - low thermal lag. For…

  • Rxi-5ms Columns (fused silica)


    low-polarity phase; Crossbond diphenyl dimethyl polysiloxane Rxi fused silica capillary GC columns were designed specifically to be the best columns available, for exceptional inertness, ultra-low bleed, and reproducible retention and selectivity. In addition to outstanding performance, this…

  • Cyano 120A 5um Column


  • Triart C8 120A 5um Column


  • Octyl 300A 5um Column


  • HP-5ms

    Agilent Technologies

    Meets EN14331 Standards (5%-Phenyl)-methylpolysiloxane Non-polar Very low bleed, suitable for GC/MS Exhibits inertness to active compounds Temperature limits are -60° to 325°/350°C Improved signal-to-noise ration for increased sensitivity and mass spectral integrity Bonded and cross-linked…

  • J'Sphere H80 80A 4um Column


  • Octyl 300A 10um Column


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