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  • HP-Ms

    Agilent Technologies

    GC capillary columns are typically wound on 7 inch cages that fit into standard-sized GCs like the 6890. The 6850 GC has a smaller oven which requires the use of columns wound on a smaller cage diameter. (5%-Phenyl)-methylpolysiloxane Identical selectivity to HP-5 Non-polar …

  • Disposable Chromatography Columns

    Evergreen Scientific

    Columns are for use in general chromatographic work for extraction of components, with special applications in isoenzyme and protein studies, hemoglobin fractionation and desalting. Chromatography columns are precision-molded in 5 ? and 7 ? sizes from premium-grade, chemically inert plastics. …

  • Bulk C18

    Separation Methods Technologies

    SMT manufactures the most reliable silica based octadecyl (C18) column available in the market today. This advanced new column is very stable at a wide pH range and high temperatures. SMT utilizes a proprietary bonding scheme that allows the resulting bonded phases to perform separation of basic,…

  • SYNTHWARE Chromatography Columns with Reservoirs

    Kemtech America

    SYNTHWARE general purpose chromatography column with heavy wall design. Supplied with an integral reservoir, PTFE stopcock and a top standard taper outer joint. Designed for flash chromatography. Column packing is supported by glass wool (not supplied). Top Joint: ST 24/40 Note: since the…

  • Normal Phase Silica Columns

    Separation Methods Technologies

    When silica is used as the stationary phase, the functional groups involved in separation are the surface silanols. However, metal impurities in silica may provide additional sites of interaction for solutes of interest. SMT uses high purity silica packing materials that are available in variety of…

  • BAKERBOND spe™ Amino (NH2) Disposable Extraction Columns, SPE

    Avantor - J.T.Baker®

    CAS Number: 126850-05-3 Specific Gravity: 1L = .00 Kg

  • Eclipse Plus Ph-Hex, 2.1X50mm, 1.8U, 600Bar

    Agilent Technologies

  • Cadmium Reduction Column

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    This column features all borosilicate glass construction with an 85 mL reservoir The glass wool plug and PTFE tubing at the bottom of the column are held securely in place by a BEVEL-SEAL™ connection, facilitating easy cleaning and assembly PTFE BEVEL-SEAL™ stopcock connector is…

  • Basic Glass Columns

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    420300 series are basic columns used for many separations in adsorption and ion exchange chromatography Glass wool (not supplied) is used to support column packing Manufactured from 33 expansion, low extractable borosilicate glass conforming to USP Type I and ASTM E438, Type I, Class A requirements

  • BPX-DXN Capillary Column


  • SYNTHWARE Heavy Wall Design Chromatography Columns with Fritted Disc

    Kemtech America

    SYNTHWARE general purpose chromatography column with heavy wall design. Supplied with a PTFE stopcock and a top standard taper outer joint. With a coarse porosity fritted glass disc to support column packing. Designed for flash chromatography. The section below the disc is carefully minimized to…

  • BP20 (Wax) Capillary Columns


    Polyethylene Glycol Industry standard wax column Polar phase Cross-linked for stability and washing Application Areas: alcohol, free acids, fatty acid methyl esters, aromatics, solvents, essential oils Operating Temperature: 0.1-1.0µm film thickness:…

  • Rtx-5MS—Low-Bleed GC-MS Columns (fused silica)


    low-polarity phase; Crossbond diphenyl dimethyl polysiloxane General purpose columns for drugs, solvent impurities, pesticides, hydrocarbons, PCB congeners (e.g., Aroclor mixes), essential oils, semivolatiles. Column specifically tested for low-bleed performance. Temperature range:…

  • Purospher® STAR RP-18 Endcapped LiChroCART® HPLC Cartridges


    Purospher® STAR RP-18 endcapped is the best choice for HPLC separation of basic, neutral, metal chelating samples or indeed any other format. Its outstanding performance and stability, allows a maximum flexibility in method development. Robust methods can be developed across the entire pH…

  • LiChrospher® 100 RP-18 (5 µm) LiChroCART® 250-4


    LiChrospher® RP-18 is a reliable and versatile traditionally produced spherical silica gel carrier with C-18 reversed phase properties. It is well suited for the separation of neutral, acidic and weak basic compounds. This  sorbent is packed into a LiChroCART® 250-4 HPLC cartridge. The…

  • Empty Column


  • Stabilwax Columns (fused silica)


    polar phase; Crossbond polyethylene glycol Restek’s polar-deactivated surface tightly binds the Carbowax polymer and increases thermal stability, relative to competitive columns. Because of the increased stability produced by the bonding process, Stabilwax columns exhibit long column…

  • PYREX® Chromatography Column with Reservoir and PTFE Product Standard Stopcock


    These PYREX® chromatography columns have a reservoir at top and a Product Standard 2mm bore PTFE (Polytetrafluorethylene) plug stopcock at the bottom. The top opening will accept a #2 rubber stopper.

  • NUCLEOSIL® C18 HPLC Columns


    NUCLEOSIL® is a family of totally porous spherical silicas with a very pure and uniform SiO2 structure Wide acceptance as routine packings for very different fields of chromatography One of the first spherical silicas used in HPLC Developed in the early seventies, it became a…

  • Accucore* C18 Defender* Guard Cartridges

    Thermo Scientific

    Accucore C18 Defender Guard Cartridges offer easy, economical protection of the main column with minimized impact on retention or efficiency. Based on Core Enhanced Technology, Thermo Scientific Accucore columns provide fast, high-resolution separations - without the elevated backpressures required…

  • PrepHT Extend-C18, 21.2X50mm, 7um

    Agilent Technologies

  • Specialty CIB-IgG Columns

    Separation Methods Technologies

    SMT CIB-IgG are silica-based packing materials designed for for both high performance and low-pressure purification of protein A. In production of the IgG affinity-type columns, SMT utilizes its proprietary technique of self-assembled monolayer (SAM) of bonding to first immobilize unique mixed…

  • Pro C18 RS 80A 3um Column


  • Chromatography Reservoirs with Spherical Joints & Reservoirs


    General purpose column having a PTFE stopcock, reservoir of the listed capacity and a top spherical socket joint. Glass wool (not supplied) is used to support the column packing. Column is constructed using MEDIUM WALL TUBING. Can be used as a gravity eluted column or a flash column (as described…

  • SAS Hypersil 5µm Column

    Thermo Scientific

    A short alkyl chain reversed phase material Selectivity for polar and multifunctional compounds Can be used in ion-pair separations Thermo Scientific Hypersil SAS C1 Columns have a short alkyl chain solid phase, which makes…

  • Pro C4 120A 3um Column


  • G-Trap™ FPLC Columns


    G-Trap™ FPLC Columns are empty columns designed for fast protein liquid chromatography. G-Trap™ FPLC Columns are made of polypropylene and come in 1 ml and 5 ml sizes. Features: Column material:  polypropylene   (PP) Frit material:  Ultra high…

  • Poroshell 120 HPLC Columns 

    Agilent Technologies

    Sub-2 µm-like high efficiency At ~40-50% lower pressure 2.7 µm particle size A "standard" frit to reduce potential clogging The particle has a solid core (1.7 µm) and porous outer layer (1.0 µm with a 0.5 µm diffusion path) Poroshell 120…

  • ZORBAX PrepHT Columns

    Agilent Technologies

    Easy scale-up from analytical to preparative scale with ZORBAX phases Fast preparative separations, up to 2000 mg 5 to 7 µm particles for high efficiency and high yield Easy to install; finger tight connections seal up to 5000 psi/350 bar High purity, high recovery and high throughput can be…

  • CDS Empore™ 2241: SDB-RPS, Polystyrenedivinylbenzene-Reversed Phase Sulfonate,…

    CDS Empore™

    pH range 1-14. Reversed phase, pi-pi and cation exchange interactions. Analytes: reversed phase, aromatic, and positively charged species. Drugs/Pesticides and metabolites.

  • Cyano 120A 5um Column


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