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  • Determine turbidity or degree of visibility in natural waters with this weighted 20 cm diameter disk. Braided line Marked every half-meter up to 20 meter

  • Measure low, medium, or high levels of Chemical Oxygen Demand using your choice of mercury (USEPA approved method) or non-mercury reagent systems. Twenty-five ready to use vials are provided in a fully protected shipping box to meet the demands of today's serious analysts. LaMotte Company…

  • The SMARTLink 3 software allows test data to be transferred from a LaMotte instrument to a personal computer. The software relates a set of test results to a particular testing site and date. It gives the user the ability to input site names and unique ID numbers into a table for reference when…

  • Single wavelength, direct reading colorimeters Water-resistant design Auto-zero calibration Direct read-out in parts per million Meets all USEPA requirements for NPDWR and NPDES monitoring programs Single parameter test kits provide readings with ±2% accuracy within…



  • SMART3 Colorimeter 80+ pre-programmed tests Automatic wavelength selection Menu-driven operation Accepts COD vials and cuvettes Waterproof to IP67 Seven languages The compact SMART3 colorimeter is ideal for water analysis in the field or in the lab. Easy-to-use software allows the analyst…

  • Stainless steel sampler is designed for use on soft bottoms (sand or silt). A simple trigger holds the sampler open while lowering to cover a uniform area. Scissor design closes sampler, retrieving a volume of sediment to the surface for analysis.

  • The DC1500 Chlorine Colorimeter Kit, ideal for both field and lab use, covers the entire critical chlorine range of 0-4 ppm with an MDL of 0.03 ppm. The Colorimeter is also EPA Compliant, (tablet version), using proper wavelength and DPD test method to meet EPA design specifications for NPDWR and…

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