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Attention Thomas Scientific Customers

Due to the current pandemic, lead times for PPE items are longer than what is listed on our website. Please expect shipping delays of all PPE products during this time.

  • Original Roll-O-Matic® Refills

    Vileda Professional

    Original refills have been the standard in the professional and controlled environments industry for well over 30 years For use with all Roll-O-Matic applications and fully autoclavable 147547 Manufactured and sterilized in the USA Validated to 10-6 SAL per ISO 11137 …

  • 146760 Highly absorbent pad ideal for removal of all kinds of water based spills from hard floors Ultra-thin construction moved excess liquid quickly to absorbent core Water impermeable polyethylene on back side for hygienic removal after use High concentration of super absorbent…

  • Clean glass and stainless steel streak and residue free Maximize particle pick-up and bacteria removal (99.999%) 10 times finer fiber than standard knotted cleanroom wipes means microfibers reach into microscopic surface pores to remove contamination thoroughly Cut fibers are laser cut for…

  • MicronQuick™ Cloths

    Vileda Professional

    Independently proven superior level of bacteria reduction, prove up to 99.99% Superior cleaning performance Streak-free cleaning, no water residue left on the surface Lint free Improved wear resistance Easy to wring and rinse Available in Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green

  • O'Cedar® Power Tip Bottle Brush

    Vileda Professional

    Nylon bristles rinse clean Strong bristles at tip to provide non-scratch scrubbing power Has a soft, no-slip handle for comfortable scrubbing Safe for glassware

  • Double Bucket Chassis

    Vileda Professional

    149624 Ideal for CE Duo Mops and CE Flat Mop Solid and stable polypropylene plastic buckets and bails are 100% autoclavable Two 6 gallon buckets Electro-polished stainless steel chassis Chassis features a unique design to keep bucket upright Stainless steel autoclavable casters…

  • CE Bucket Trolley and Accessories

    Vileda Professional

    141926 Detachable Push bar is airtight and easy to put on/off for sterilization New innovative handle holders prevent any dirt traps or issues when sterilizing and provides fixation of handles Electro-polished stainless steel means a contamination free surface with smooth welding and is…

  • 141886 Microfiber overstitched cleanroom foam for cleaning/disinfecting floors, walls and ceilings Designed for use in cleanrooms up to ISO 5/GMP A & B/FED209D Class 100 Excellent microfiber cleaning results have been independently proven Suitable for bucket, pre-prepared and…

  • Colored tabs (blue, red, green, yellow) incorporated into the top of the handle allow for color coding of cleaning tools Ergonomic grip reduces work fatigue Handle extends easily with turn of wrist from 58.5" to 76.25" Entire mop handle is autoclavable at the most common cycles …

  • Original Stainless Steel Cleanroom Roll-O-Matic® Sponge Roller Mop available in 48" handle length Entire mop handle is autoclavable at the most common autoclave cycles Cap is stainless steel and completely sealed Straight handle allows user to properly use the pull-and-lift…

  • Perfect for general use within all controlled environments Absorb spills, clean particles and apply disinfectant Autoclavable   147546, 147548 Manufactured and sterilized in the USA Validated to 10-6 SAL per ISO 11137 Individually double bagged with Lot #…

  • PVAmicro™ Cloths

    Vileda Professional

    PVAmicro™ Cloths Knitted microfiber  ensures perfect results on almost all surfaces: glass, laboratory, stainless steel and more The PVA has very good water absorbency, meaning streak-free wiping without after-drying PVAmicro holds 40 times less particle residue after rinsing,…

  • Vileda Professional Buckets

    Vileda Professional

  • Original Galvanized Steel Roll-O-Matic Sponge Roller Mop Extremely lightweight Straight handle allows user to properly use the pull - and - lift technique with both sides of the mop Perfect for use especially on walls and ceilings Also commonly used on floors Handle length is 48"  

  • O'Cedar® Brooms

    Vileda Professional

    159833 Wide 14" sweeping width to sweep more in less time Angled to pull dirt out of corners 55.5" total height Eco-friendly bristles are made from 80% recycled plastic Memory Bristles™ resist bending and hold their shape Features a foam hand grip for comfort while…

  • CE Squeegee™

    Vileda Professional

    True cleanroom squeegee swivels 360? for full range of motion Use on floors, walls and ceilings after applying disinfectant Squeegee spills to drain in controlled environments Resists autoclave, gamma and ETO processes Use with Vileda Extendable Handles

  • 145640 Fit into place handle holder Integrated foldaway lid with cleaning plan holder Bin bag holder with snap-fit clamp for 70l bin bag- 70l bin bag included with basic trolley Multi-functional base plate ensures a perfect fit for all Vileda Professional cleaning systems Large rear…

  • 132123 Polyester lamination allows for a tear-free application of disinfectants, cleaning and spill absorption Applies disinfectants evenly to the surface allowing user to achieve desired contact times Unlike competitive products, this polyester is laminated to the foam without the…

  • 100% endless microfiber Lint-free cleaning performance with a greater than 99.93% removal of bacteria Streak free performance 1 step cleaning with no additional workload, better cleaning result in less time Suitable for bucket or spray cleaning method

  • UltraSpeed™ Bucket Kits

    Vileda Professional

    148343, 148344 Ready To Go Kit includes single bucket with downpress wringer, chassis, Vileda Extendable Universal Handle, 16" UltraSpeed Pro Frame and one UltraSpeed Trio Mop Pad Lightweight and robust bucket with ergonomic handles for carrying Patented press is the fastest, most…

  • MicroOne® Cloths

    Vileda Professional

    Proven performance of 99.9% bacterial removal Packed in re-sealable bags that fit perfectly in our 6l bucket and includes a customizable dosing sticker for lid of 6l bucket for maximum hygiene and handling The bag is excellent for use in pre-prepared cleaning - use 500 ml per 5-/cloths for…

  • 138841 Compact 10.4 qt bucket and flat mop makes it ideal for labs, production areas, LAR facilities and offices Twice as fast as traditional wet mopping at cleaning small areas (215 sq ft) removing stubborn dirt and drying floors Kit includes 1 bucket, 1 wringer, 1 frame, 1 MicroLite mop…

  • CE Dustpan/Sweeper™

    Vileda Professional

    119908 Sweep up broken glass in your cleanroom quickly and easily No need to change gloves when an item is dropped on the floor Keeps workers from touching the floor within the cleanroom Can be sprayed or wiped down with common disinfectants For use with CE Sweeper Pan 119914 …

  • 141887 Polyester laminated cleanroom foam for disinfecting floors, walls and ceilings Adhesive-free lamination techniques are  used to prevent additional contamination to your products in your cleanroom Designed for use in cleanrooms up to ISO 5/GMP A & B/FED209D Class 100 …

  • All Refills Microfiber lamination allows for tear-free deep cleaning of contaminants and residues, while also applying disinfectant to the surfaces Unlike competitive products, this microfiber is laminated to the foam without the use of adhesives, which could contaminate surfaces …

  • UltraFlex™ Bucket System

    Vileda Professional

    133879 Used with traditional string mops Downpress wringer reduces force on string mops Large, lightweight 36 qt bucket UltraFlex™ can be put on most janitorial carts Easy glide stainless steel casters Color coding tabs to reduce cross contamination Conforms to food service…

  • Antimicrobial bristles to prevent odor causing bacteria within fibers Soft, non-slip handle for comfortable scrubbing Hanging feature for convenient storage

  • SprayPro™ Inox Mopping System

    Vileda Professional

    Universal frame connector works with all Vileda Professional cleaning systems ( CombiSpeed, CE UltraSpeed Pro and Swep Duo Frames as well as others) Stainless steel finish is lightweight and easy to use Controlled water release- 3ml with each spray Color coded stickers with each handle (Red,…

  • 157775 Includes two buckets with flat mop wringer and chassis Lightweight double bucket system allows separation of dirty liquid and clean liquid, minimizing cross-contamination Touchless wringing of mops using the patented, fast and efficient wringer/press Small and compact…

  • Features a tough mesh side that gently works on delicate surfaces and rinses clean after each use Designed with a microfiber side that is great for removing grease and grime Can be used for all purpose cleaning

  • O'Cedar® Dual-Action Dust Mop

    Vileda Professional

    Features a flexible microfiber head that dusts floors and baseboards in one motion Made with ultra dense Chenille for dust and dirt pick-up Eco-Friendly and machine washable up to 50 times

  • Serrated edges to clean brush bristles Flexible tip for better debris pick-up Flexible bristles pick-up fine dirt Soft grip handle for comfortable sweeping

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