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  • Edgeless® Mops


    Edgeless Mops are made from strong, durable knitted polyester, eliminating contamination from breakage and deterioration common with cotton and rayon string mops. Cleanroom laundered Edgeless Mops are made from a continuous tube of 100% polyester knitted fabric looped to form tubular mop strands…

  • Oxivir® Tb Disinfectants by Diversey

    A ready-to-use cleaner disinfectant based on propietary AHP® technology to deliver fast, effective cleaning performance. Effective Bactericidal and *Virucidal in one minute, kills HBV, HCV, HIV-1 (AIDS virus) in one minute, Tuberculocidal in five minutes and kills fungi in ten…

  • 7x Cleaning Solution

    MP Biomedicals

    7X cleaning solutions have been developed for use whenever a high degree of cleanliness is required. Test tubes, petri-dishes, flasks, cylinders, burettes, pipettes, slide cover glasses, hypodermic syringes and all other types of laboratory glassware and surgical instruments can be cleaned with 7X…


    Decon Labs

    Sterile, ready-to-use 70% denatured ethanol (EtOH) solution designed especially for cleanroom use. Filtered to 0.22µm, individually double-bagged and gamma-irradiated to ensure sterility. Made according to USP specifications and packaged in a Class 100 cleanroom. Each lot undergoes a…

  • PeridoxRTU® Sporicidal Disinfectant


    Broad spectrum disinfectant effective against bacterial spores, bacteria, viruses, TB and fungi (mold). Excellent material compatibility that will not damage most surfaces in cleanroom environments, including stainless steel, acrylic, glass, aluminum and chrome. Does not contain alcohol,…

  • Poxygrid® Baskets

    Bel-Art Products

    Epoxy-coated, steel wire baskets hold up under the most severe laboratory conditions. Handy for transporting and batch dipping glassware Resists rust, corrosion, solvents, salts, weak acids and weak alkalis Withstands a temperature range of -223°C (-369°F) to 121°C…

  • CIP 220 Acid Detergent


    CIP 220® Acid-Based Process & Research Cleaner is specially formulated to meet the unique cleaning demands found in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetic, dietary supplement, and other industries requiring an effective validatable cleaner. HOW CIP 220 WORKS CIP 220 Acid…

  • Sanihol® 70

    Decon Labs

    Ready-to-use 70% solution of denatured ethanol for cleaning surfaces in labs and production areas. Perfect for use in tissue culture hoods and microbiology labs, it evaporates away leaving no residues. Filtered to 0.2 µm to remove particulate contamination.

  • Scienceware® Straining Baskets

    Bel-Art Products

    Strain or filter large particles Polyethylene perforated baskets Allows for rapid filling and draining Handy for transporting labware Chemical resistant, withstands acids and alkalis Service temperature up to 82°C (180°F)

  • Concentrated Cleaning Chemistries for use in Ultrasonic Cleaners


    BC - Buffing Compound A blend of non-ionic surfactants, detergents, and emulsifiers, Branson BC has been formulated to remove the most difficult buffing compounds and carriers. The nonviscous liquid removes tripoil, rouge, lime, diamond tripoil, etc. from buffed compounds, and rinses freely…

  • Tergazyme® Enzyme-Active Powered Detergent


    Concentrated, anionic detergent with protease enzyme for manual and ultrasonic cleaning. Excellent for removal of proteinaceous soils,tissue, blood and body fluids from glassware, metals, plastic, ceramic, porcelain, rubber and fiberglass with no interfering residues. Ideal as a cleaning agent in…

  • NEUTRAD® Detergent

    Decon Labs

    NEUTRAD® is a safe detergent for manual scrub cleaning of any labware – replaces old fashioned caustic soap powders! Highly concentrated, very economical. Liquid NEUTRAD® is instantly soluble, totally rinse-able, safe, near-neutral pH and phosphate-free. Offers huge performance and…

  • QuickTask™ Mopping System


    Contec's QuickTask flat mop product line consists of a variety of knitted polyester, polyester/cellulose, microfiber/foam and microfiber mop covers that are easily installed onto a hinged mop head frame and QuickConnect handle. QuickTask mop head frames are available in stainless steel or durable…

  • LpH® se Concentrated Germicidal Detergent, 1 Gallon


    LpH se Concentrated Germicidal Detergent is a research developed, non-alkaline, phenolic germicidal detergent designed to be effective in hard (400 ppm as CaCO3) or soft water and in the presence of 5% organic soil. The use-dilution of this product is specifically formulated to clean, disinfect,…

  • Spor-Klenz®, Ready-to-use Sporicidal Disinfectant Sterilant


    This fast-acting, liquid cold sterilant / disinfectant requires no mixing or activation. Use wherever critically high level microbial control is required. Ready-to-use format eliminates errors in dilution preparation. Low-toxicity profile adds to worker safety. Undiluted, the product is sporicidal…

  • L900 Liquid Detergent

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Specially formulated for cleaning plastics Will not cause crazing, stress cracking or clouding Appropriate for dishwasher use or hand washing Biodegradeable, non-toxic detergent is specifically formulated for cleaning all plastics, especially polycarbonate. Also suitable for glassware.

  • READY-SET-CLEAN® #17 INCREDILOSO™ Lavender Cleaner/Deodorizer

    National Chemical Laboratories

    Fortified with an exceptional Lavender fragrance, this product cleans and wonderfully deodorizes in one step! Use INCREDILOSO™ on floors, walls, countertops and many other washable surfaces. This rinse free formula of INCREDILOSO™ is ideal for schools, office buildings, retail stores…

  • ES 7X Cleaning Solution

    MP Biomedicals

    Applications 7X cleaning solution was developed for use whenever a high degree of cleanliness is required. Test tubes, petri-dishes, flasks, cylinders, burettes, pipettes, slide cover glasses, hypodermic syringes and all other types of laboratory glassware and surgical instruments can be cleaned…

  • EasyCurve™ Mopping System


    EasyCurve™ Disposable Foam Mop Head Designed especially for controlled environments, the EasyCurve mop consists of a flat, polyester fabric-laminated foam mop head attached to a curved, stainless steel frame to provide superior performance and ease of use compared to other all-surface…

  • Sporicidin Enzymatic cleaner, gallon


    Sporicidin® Enzymatic cleaner is a blend of enzymes in a low foaming solution formulated to loosen and remove dried debris, protein, blood, and mucin deposits. It effectively cleans both natural and synthetic fibers that have been soiled with organic and inorganic debris. Sporicidin®…

  • Discide Ultra Disinfecting Towelettes And Spray Holders And Dispensers

    Palmero Health Care

    Holders/Dispensers Save counter space with this convenient wall mounting canister holder. Accommodates all PHC towelette canisters as well as other brands. The foil pack box holder mounts on any wall where individual foil packs are a necessity. The quart bottle holder is an easy way to store…

  • Wescodyne Germicidal Detergent


    Wescodyne Germicidal Detergent is an iodophor based detergent disinfectant with a broad range of activity against bacteria including TB (Mycobacterium tuberculosis), viruses including HIV-1 (AIDS), and fungi. Wescodyne Germicidal Detergent is recommended for use on walls, floors, counter…

  • Scienceware® Cleanware™ Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner

    Bel-Art Products

    Dual-action cleaner prevents fogging and is anti-static Economical: one drop per lens is effective! Polyethylene bottle features turret-type dispensing of a single drop or stream Bottle size: 59ml (2oz) Dimensions: 35mm (1-3/8") diameter x 100mm (4") tall 2 per bag …

  • Contrad® 100 Low-Foaming Detergent

    Decon Labs

    Contrad® 100 is a low-foaming alkaline liquid detergent formulated for Clean-In-Place systems. Contrad® 100 is effective in removing a wide variety of contaminantes from stainless steel, glass, and plastic surfaces. Its low-foaming characteristics prevent pump cavitation. Contrad® 100…

  • CiDecon® Detergent Disinfectant

    Decon Labs

    CiDecon® Concentrated Phenolic Disinfectant. Concentrated germicidal cleaner for disinfecting surfaces in lab production areas and on process equipment. Diluted one ounce per gallon of water (1:128), CiDecon® is effective against a wide range of pathogenic organisms including TB, HIV-1,…

  • Bucket System 2769


    Contec’s Polypropylene Bucket System 2769-KIT is a fully autoclavable stainless steel rolling cart with two polypropylene 5 gallon (20L) buckets (red, gray), and stainless steel drip cap. Durable, yet lightweight construction makes the 2769 bucket system easy to maneuver around cleanrooms. Cart…

  • AlphaMop® Mop Covers & Pads, Replacements

    ITW Texwipe

    AlphaMop™ has been specifically designed for the needs of ultraclean production environments. It utilizes the same materials as ITW Texwipes state-of-the-art polyester AlphaWipe® wipers for effective cleaning and low contamination. The AlphaMop system features easily changeable, laundered…

  • FogShield XP Lens Cleaning Station

    Bausch & Lomb

    The FogShield XP Extreme Protection Disposable Safety Lens Cleaning System was created for extreme temperature conditions; it combines effective cleaning and extreme anti-fog protection for both glass and plastic lenses. The compact size and high tissue count make it perfect for high traffic…

  • Detojet® Biodegradable Cleaning Compound


    Used to remove soil, grit, slime, grease, blood, tars, resins, etc. Low-foaming, heavy-duty liquid detergent for high performance results in machine washers Highly alkaline pH (13) Soluble in hot or cold, hard or soft water. Free rinsing gives you reliable results and no interfering residues.

  • SoftCIDE™-NA Foam Soap

    Thermo Scientific

    Rinse away harmful bacteria while still treating your hands gently with Green Seal Certified Thermo Scientific™ SoftCIDE™-NA Foam Soap. Ideal for light to medium soil removal in all types of commercial, industrial and institutional environments Contains Aloe Vera, Vitamin E,…

  • Scienceware® Rectangular Dipping Baskets

    Bel-Art Products

    Flow through with built-in handles Polypropylene Bottoms and sides are 3.2mm (1/8") thick with 3.2mm (1/8") diameter perforations and a smooth top rail Solid end plates are 6.4mm (1/4") thick with built-in handles

  • Sterile 70% Isopropanol (IPA)

    ITW Texwipe

    Texwipe's Sterile 70% Isopropanol (IPA) contains 70% by volume USP-grade Isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol) and 30% USP-purified water. To ensure sterility, this solution is submicron filtered, filled into cleaned containers, double-bagged and gamma-irradiated. Each bottle is lot coded with an…

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