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  • Accessories for Heraeus Megafuge 8 Centrifuge

    Thermo Scientific

    TX-150 rotor accommodates a wide range of clinical and research applications, up to 24 x 5/7mL blood collection tubes or 8 x 50mL conical tubes at 4,500rpm/ 3,260 x g, and further flexbility for swing-out processing needs with available adapters. TX-100S clinical rotor includes sealed carriers…

  • Nalgene HDPE Centrifuge Bottles

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    High-density Polyethylene bottles RCF to 8,000 x g Withstand temperatures to -100°C Flat bottoms HDPE bottles are for use with refrigerated centrifuges. Bottles include 43 mm polypropylene screw caps. Dimensions (o.d. x H, mm): 61 x 128.

  • Adapter for 0.2mL PCR Tubes


    This Eppendorf 0.2 mL adapter is for all fixed-angle rotors for PCR and reaction tubes PCR tube size: 0.2 mL; diameter of adapter bore: 6mm Bottom of Form 7.4cm Rotor radius Adapter is autoclavable (121 degrees C, 20 minutes) 0.2 mL tube size

  • Floating Microtube Racks

    United Scientific Supplies

    Floating microtube racks are ideal for thawing, cooling, or incubating samples in water or ice baths at a wide range of temperatures from -70C to 100C.  Tubes are supported below the lip while conical ends are immersed in water.  Racks feature a handle for easy removal from water bath as…

  • Sprout® Portable Centrifugation Kit


    Spin Samples On-the-Go The Portable Centrifuge Kit by Heathrow Scientific offers a convenient way to spin down and prepare samples outside of a conventional laboratory environment. The centrifuge kit enables the processing of samples before deterioration can take place and can be used in…

  • M-20 Microplate Rotor Package

    Thermo Scientific

    Centrifuge up to 6 microplates. Includes: Two buckets, two adapters Capacity: 2 x 3 Standard, 2 x 1 Deepwell plates Max. speed/RCF: 4000rpm/2272xG

  • Fiberlite F15-6X100mL Fa Rotor

    Thermo Scientific

    Process samples up to 100mL with the six-place capacity Thermo Scientific™ Fiberlite™ F15-6 x 100y Fixed-Angle Rotor. Reduced run-times with higher G-forces achieved with lightweight carbon fiber rotors Corrosion-and fatigue-resistant design that ensures structural integrity …

  • Biocontainment Lids (Set Of 4)

    Thermo Scientific

    Rotor Lid for TX-400 Round Bucket (1224A46) . ClickSeal® biocontainment lid Set of 4

  • Super High-Capacity Swing Bucket Rotor


    For Eppendorf multi-purpose centrifuge models 5810 and 5810R Maximum capacity 4 x 400 mL Maximum speed 4,000 rpm Variety of adapters and capacities available Super high-capacity swing bucket rotor with wide speed range and choice of rotors provides maximum application versatility…

  • Adapter, 1 X 15-18ml F/6 X 100ml Rotor


  • Nalgene Teflon FEP Centrifuge Bottles

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Teflon® FEP Bottles RCF to 4,000 x g Withstand temperatures from -100° to +150°C Flat bottoms Autoclavable bottles have an 80% capacity (approx. 200 mL) in refrigerated centrifuges. Bottles include 38 mm Tefzel® ETFE screw caps. Dimensions (o.d. x H, mm): 62 x 122.

  • 12.5mL Petroleum Glass Finger Tube

    LW Scientific

    Our calibrated finger tubes are designed to withstand high temperatures. The white ceramic enamel scale, legend, and marking spots enable easy and accurate reading. Dimensions Outside diameter: 17mm Length of the tube: 118mm Printed graduation in percentage Capacity: 100%…

  • O-Ring for Rotor Lid

    Beckman Coulter

    Rotor Replacement Parts: O-ring for Rotor Lid For use in Benchtop and Microcentrifuges Rotors: FX6100 Fixed Angle Rotor For use in High-Performance and High-Capacity Centrifuge Rotors: JA-30.50 Ti JA-25.50 JA-21 JA-20 For use in Ultracentrifuge…

  • Rotor 4 x 100 mL W/2 x 50 mL Con Buc (5804/10)


    50 mL conical tube buckets for medium throughput applications Swing-bucket rotor provides high centrifugation speed up to 4,500 x g (5,000 rpm) Form inserts to support conical tube bottoms included

  • Replacement / extra rotor cover, fits 18 and 24 tube angle rotors of Denville…


    With state-of the art digital brushless technology, the Denville 260D provides all the most requested features in a single afforable microcentrifuge. The 260D may be used in a cold room and its autoclavable rotorshave a clear cover that "snaps" on or off easily with one hand. The 45 degree angle…

  • Rotor Key


    A rotor key that is used with Eppendorf Centrifuges. This items fits Eppendorf models 5417 C/R, 5418/R, 5424/R, 5430/R, and 5702/R/RH. Accessory item for Eppendorf Centrifuges Size: 5mm Can be used with Eppendorf Captain Eppi rotor key holder

  • Rotor Assembly for Long Tubes


    Thomas Nos. 1209Q14 – 1209Q16 Tube is 8" Marked in mL and can be used with our Oil Test Centrifuge with Long Cone Rotor in conformance with D91, D96, D893, D1796, D4007 Thomas No. 1209Q17 Tube is 8" Marked in mL and can be used with our Oil Test Centrifuge with Long Cone…

  • Rotor lid with clasp for 300D


    Extremely Quiet Digital Display Quick Spin Feature 24 Place Rotor 13,300 RPM (16,300xg) Cold Room Safe Two Year Warranty The Denville 300D Digital Microcentrifuge is compact, easy to use, yet affordable and powerful enough to allow…

  • Adapter, 2 X 7-15ml F/6 X 100ml Rotor


  • Replacement Strip Tube Rotor


    Rotor for 0.2ml strip tubes or individual 0.2 ml tubes Shipping dimensions: 13 x 13 x 13 cm (5 x 5 x 5 in)

  • Centrifuge Rotor Accessories

    Beckman Coulter

  • Timer for Centrifuges

    LW Scientific

  • 4 x 100 mL Swing bucket rotor and accessories


    For Eppendorf Model 5702 centrifuges Round buckets accommodate conical and round-bottom tubes from 1.1 to 100 mL Optional aerosol-tight covers protect user from hazardous samples Rotor A-4-38 with 4x 90ml rectangular swing-buckets, for Eppendorf Centrifuges 5701/5702R/5702RH. Maximum…



  • O-Ring Biofuge Status w/Grease

    Thermo Scientific

  • Centrifan™ PE Personal Evaporator/Condenser, Rotors for Centrifan PE and PE-T,…

    KD Scientific

    Vacuum-Free - no bumping or splashing to risk sample purity and yield Centrifugal Evaporation - sample securely pressed in spinning containers Versatile - ideal for LC fractions, synthesis reactions, harsh inorganic chemistry, cold room operations, toxic compounds, radioisotopes …

  • 400mL Round Buckets (Set Of 4)

    Thermo Scientific

    Round buckets Capacity: 400mL Made for use with the TX-400 swinging bucket rotor (1224A45) Compatible with the Sorvall® ST16 And Sorvall® Legend X1 series, the Heraeus® Megafuge 16 And Heraeus® Multifuge X1 series, and the SL 16 series centrifuges Recommended…

  • Aerosol Covers for 250mL Pk 2


    For use with buckets supplied with swinging bucket rotor (2509D70). Covers fit over buckets individually to provide an aerosol-tight seal.

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