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  • Allegra® X-30 Series Benchtop Centrifuges

    Beckman Coulter

    Allegra® X-30 Series Benchtop Centrifuges provide excellent performance and easy operation in a compact design that saves valuable time and laboratory space. Highest speed and g-force in its class Simple and quick run setup Flexible with extensive rotor library for multiple…

  • Minispin And Minispin Plus Microcentrifuges


    Ultra compact design fits even crowded workstations Maintenance free drive accelerates up to 14,000 x g Clear digital display Quiet operation “Short-Spin” key for quick spins Designed especially for the individual workstation, these 12-position micro centrifuges offer high…

  • MIKRO 220 Microliter Centrifuges

    Hettich Instruments

    MIKRO 220 / 220 R Centrifuge Advanced Microliter Centrifuge Classic / Cooled MIKRO 220 and 220 R are powerful, compact benchtop centrifuges for processing microlitre tubes of 0.2 ml to 2.0 ml. The refrigerated MIKRO 220 R also accommodates tubes up to a volume of 50 ml. The MIKRO 220 and…

  • Heraeus® Megafuge® X3 Centrifuge Microplate and Molecular Biology Packages

    Thermo Scientific

    Thomas No. 1214V83 - Thermo Scientific Heraeus Multifuge X3 Microplate Processing Centrifuge Package. Includes Multifuge X3 Centrifuge, TX-750 Swinging Bucket Rotor, Carriers for Microplates and T-75 Horizontal Flasks. Thomas No. 1214V84 - Thermo Scientific Heraeus Multifuge X3R Microplate…

  • Adapter, 4X30-50ml Tube F/250ml Pk2


  • Avanti® JXN-26 Series High Performance Floor Centrifuges

    Beckman Coulter

    Experience simplified high-throughput sample processing and more control with the Avanti® JXN-26. Rely on the powerful features, improved imbalance tolerance, and quiet performance. The Avanti JXN-26 stands out with these enhanced features: Monitoring and control flexibility with…

  • Eppendorf 5430 Microcentrifuges


    Cross-over centrifuge combines the best features of a micro and multipurpose benchtop centrifuge in one instrument Exceptional versatility - 8 different rotors available Small microcentrifuge that can also spin microplates, as well as 15 ml and 50 ml conical tubes High centrifugation…

  • Zip-IQ TT Test Tube Centrifuges

    LW Scientific

    The LW Scientific Zip-IQ TT centrifuge is an impressive 6-place test tube centrifuge for spinning blood, urine, and other fluids in 0.5ml to 15ml test tubes and microtubes. This attractive unit is very small, conserving valuable counter space in the lab, but also sturdy and heavy with…

  • SampleSafe Top Load Lockbox

    Drucker Diagnostics

    SampleSafe Top Load Lockbox Heat and cold can both render specimens unusable. If a site collects six samples in a day and sets them outside for collection in a standard metal lockbox, extreme temperatures could ruin all six samples at a cost of up to $150 in re-draws. With SampleSafe…

  • Gusto™ High-Speed Mini-Centrifuge


    This compact centrifuge is ideal for most protocols calling for fast spins (up to 12,500 rpm / 9,800 rcf) and quick spin-downs. Useful for PCR®, microfilter cell separation, clinical applications, and HPLC protocols. Operation is extremely simple for this high-level of sophistication: Insert…

  • Dynac III Multi-Speed Centrifuge


    Compact Heavy gauge construction Digitally precise variable speeds User programmable with 10 program (memory) storage This versatile, compact centrifuge will fit into most lab refrigerators or can be placed in cold rooms for low-temperature centrifugation. Interchangeable…

  • 24-M & 24-MR High Speed Microcentrifuges

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    High Speed, 21,400xg Quiet and compact Advanced, full color display 24 place rotor with convenient, snap-on lid 2 year warranty Available with or without refrigeration labForce’s 24-M Series of microcentrifuges include a variety of features based on over 20 years of…

  • Nalgene Teflon FEP Centrifuge Bottles

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Teflon® FEP Bottles RCF to 4,000 x g Withstand temperatures from -100° to +150°C Flat bottoms Autoclavable bottles have an 80% capacity (approx. 200 mL) in refrigerated centrifuges. Bottles include 38 mm Tefzel® ETFE screw caps. Dimensions (o.d. x H, mm): 62 x 122.

  • TX-750 4 + 750mL Swinging Bucket Rotor

    Thermo Scientific

    Increase lab productivity with the Thermo Scientific™ TX-750 4 x 750mL Swinging Bucket Rotor, delivering maximum flexibility at 4700rpm. Buckets, lids and microplate carriers are sold separately; order TX-750 rotor body (75003180) and components to complete assembly. Tube adapters are…

  • Microspin 12 high-speed mini centrifuge

    Grant Instruments

    Compact high-speed benchtop mini centrifuge with a built-in rotor for 12 x 1.5/2ml microtubes. Ideal for biomedical laboratories. Centrifugation speed: 100-14 500 rpm, RCF 12 400xg Fixed angular aluminium rotor accommodates 12 x 1.5/2 ml microtubes, supplied with adapters for 0.2ml and…

  • Heraeus® Megafuge® X3 Centrifuge Package

    Thermo Scientific

    Thomas No. 1214V71 - Thermo Scientific Heraeus Megafuge 40 Cell Culture Benchtop Centrifuge Package. Includes Megafuge 40 Centrifuge, TX-750 Swinging Bucket Rotor, Buckets, 50mL Conical Adapters, 15mL Conical Adapters. Thomas No. 1214V72 - Thermo Scientific Heraeus Megafuge 40R Cell Culture…

  • USA E8 Portafuges

    LW Scientific

    The USA E8 Portafuge is designed, engineered, and assembled at LW Scientific’s ISO-certified, FDA-registered manufacturing facility in Lawrenceville, GA. Expect American quality as well as customary LW Scientific support. This model is loaded with features and improvements, such as higher…

  • GCM Series Standard Microcentrifuges

    Globe Scientific

    The GCM-24 is a powerful, feature-rich microcentrifuge at an affordable cost. It is easily programmable through a combination of LCD display, control buttons and parameter adjustment knob. The GCM-24 is compatible with numerous biological, chemistry, clinical and research applications including…

  • labForce Equipment Promotion - FREE Lab Instrument with Purchase!

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    labForce Equipment Promotion… Choice of one FREE Lab Favorite with purchase of the following: Therma-Shaker™ Mini Shaking Incubator BioRocker™ 2D Rocker 24-M & 24-MR High Speed Microcentrifuges Choice of FREE instrument includes one of: …

  • Wizard Mini-Fuge

    Scientific Industries

    Simple to use centrifuge with a compact and space-saving design. Performs speedy rotations for sample separations. Maximizes performance with tool-free snapsin rotors. Quick and easily change out rotors with just one touch. Supplied with: 6 1.5/2.0ml tube rotor, 16 place 0.2ml tube rotor…

  • Microtiter Plate Buckets, Pk. 4


  • High Capacity Centrifuge Accesssories


    Multiple swing-out and angle rotor options make the Z400 series centrifuges useful for a wide range of applications from molecular and cellular biology to microplate technology and blood separations.The microprocessor based controls are designed for quick and easy programming. Parameters are set…

  • TC-MicroPlus Mini High Speed Centrifuge

    Walter Products

    The Walter Mini High Speed Centrifuge TC-MicroPlus is extremely compact, with a clear and easy-to-use digital display of time and speed. It has an acceleration and deceleration time of less than 18 seconds, and is remarkably quiet during operation. Its excellent airflow minimizes heating and…

  • GCC Series Standard Clinical Centrifuges

    Globe Scientific

    The GCC-S Clinical Centrifuge has been designed for numerous clinical and research applications with simple yet robust features. The included twelve (12) position rotor accommodates 5mL, 7mL or 10mL culture or blood collection tubes and up to eight (8) 15mL tubes (all adapters are included). …

  • Clamp F/A-4-81 Adapter


    Spare adapter clamp for adapters for Eppendorf rotor A-4-81 with rectangular buckets.

  • Q-sep 3000 Centrifuge for QuEChERS


    Priced to fit your laboratory's budget, the Q-sep 3000 centrifuge is the first centrifuge specifically designed for QuEChERS methodology. This compact, quiet, yet powerful unit spins at the 3,000 g force required by the European method. Centrifuge includes 50mL tube carriers (six), 50mL…

  • Heraeus® Megafuge® X3F Centrifuge Package

    Thermo Scientific

    Thomas No. 1214V75 - Thermo Scientific Heraeus Multifuge X3 Cell Culture Floor Model Centrifuge Package. Includes Multifuge X3 Floor Model Centrifuge, TX-750 Swinging Bucket Rotor, Buckets, 50mL Conical Adapters, 15mL Conical Adapters. Thomas No. 1214V76 - Thermo Scientific Heraeus Multifuge…

  • Fixed Angle Centrifuge Rotors

    Beckman Coulter

    Fixed-angle rotors feature a medium pathlength, a fast run time and excellent resolution. In fixed-angle rotors, tubes are held at a constant angle during the spinning operation, typically between 23°– 38° from vertical. They’re commonly used at higher speeds, for small to…

  • Eppendorf 5430 Conical tube rotor


    Accommodates 6 x 15 ml or 6 x 50 ml conical tubes Speed up to 7,197 x g (7,830 rpm) Includes 6 adapters for 15 ml conical tubes and 6 adapters for 50 ml conical tubes; 50 ml adapters accommodate skirted tubes

  • Hermle Z366 Series Mid-Range Capacity Centrifuges


    Mid-Range capacity, 12 x 50ml and 28 x 15ml Advanced programming with auto-rotor recognition Optional high speed rotors, providing up to 24,000xg Available with refigeration For applications requiring increased capacity over the Z306 or Z326 series centrifuges, the Z366 series…

  • SCILOGEX D3024 and D3024R High Speed Micro-Centrifuges


    D3024 and D3024R Micro-Centrifuge Common Features: Large LCD display provides all visual information Whisper quiet operation Brushless motor drive, maintenance free Bio-containment rotors, safe and autoclavable Special double cooling air design, minimises rotor heating Maintains…

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