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CE and CE/MS CE and CE/MS Capillaries

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  • Use Agilent Technologies extended light path capillaries (“bubble” cell capillaries) to improve sensitivity 3- to 5-fold over standard capillaries. With extended light path capillaries the inner diameter is increased only at the detection window, offering the sensitivity of a wide inner…

  • µSIL-WAX Capillaries with Windows

    Agilent Technologies

    µSIL-WAX features a modified, polyethylene oxide, hydrophilic coating made through a special cross-linking and bonding process. The coating effectively masks active silanol sites, offering exceptional efficiency, resolution, peak shape and reproducibility. The highly stable coating and near-zero…

  • Fused-silica capillaries are the heart of CE. Pre-aligned capillaries from Agilent Technologies are designed and optimized for ease of use and reliability. All capillary ends are cut to a smooth, mirror-like finish. In addition, the polyimide outer-coating is removed from the ends. These processes…

  • A series of coated capillaries specifically designed for CE which are prepared by cross-linking and bonding a novel, proprietary flourocarbon (FC) polymer. µSIL-FC capillaries are chemically inert, hydrophobic, and stable from pH 2.5-10.0. These capillaries are a must-have for cIEF, protein,…

  • PVA coated capillaries contain a permanently adsorbed layer of poly(vinyl alcohol). This coating minimizes hydrophobic and electrostatic solute/wall interactions and eliminates electroosmotic flow (EOF). Using a proprietary deposition process, the PVA coating is stable over a wide pH range even…

  • These are capillaries with a window and 75 cm effective length and 363 µm od, fitting into any CE instrument. To cut them to the correct length we recommend using the 2714T16 CE column cutter.

  • The package contains 10 PVDF double cones for capillary connection (o.d. 0.5 mm) with knurled nuts Ordering No. 1.15545 or 1.51216.

  • Bulk µSIL-DB Capillaries

    Agilent Technologies

    The µSIL-DB coated capillaries are available as µSIL-DB-1 and µSIL-DB-17. In combination with a cellulose based buffer system, µSIL-DB coated capillaries have been widely used in cIEF applications, PCR product and DNA fragment separation and many other CE applications which require reduced EOF.

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