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SciMatCo Cabinets, Safety

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  • Constructed of 1" multi-ply exterior-grade plywood "Combo" Cabinet utilizes the safety features of both the Acid and Flammables Cabinets. Our Combination Cabinet is actually two separate cabinets in one "Combo" cabinets made to fit under Laboratory…

  • Acid Cabinets


    All wood construction; wooden hinge assembly eliminates problem of metallic hinge deterioration Top is recessed to include a liquid-tight polypropylene tray for holding three gallons of spilled liquid; useful as a dispensing area With rear atmospheric vents Interlocking wooden door…

  • Cabinet constructed of 1 / 4 ” polypropylene plastic Cabinet marked ACID Sized for convenient storage on your laboratory work surface All polypropylene door hinge, providing years of worry free service Single door hinged left with lock Excellent cabinet for very corrosive…

  • A durable, safe storage place for acids and chemicals that will never rust or corrode Provides effective protection for your most hazardous chemicals Constructed of 3/4”, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for both strength and corrosion resistance All interior seams are welded…

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