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  • StarFire Bunsen Burner ST

    Argos Technologies

    The Argos StarFire ST offers a safe alternative to standard laboratory Bunsen burners. The stainless steel body and compact size make it ideal for use in laminar flow hoods. Unit can be operated with standard house gas or with an integrated gas cartridge (sold separately); includes an added…

  • Wheaton Alcohol Burner

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Ground glass cap Wheaton 400 borosilicate glass Supplied with glass stopper This burner, manufactured from soda-lime glass, is designed for use with isopropyl or denatured ethyl alcohol. Its low-heat flame is well suited for microscopy purposes. The unit is supplied with a…

  • Self-Starting Micro Torch Burner


    Small, portable, lightweight unit with built-in piezoelectric crystal for ignition Operates on butane gas Maximum flame temperature 1,300°C (2,400°F) Flame lasts up to two hours on a full charge of butane; reservoir capacity 26 grams Flame adjusted by means of needle valve…

  • Alcohol Lamp


    135 ml capacity Conical, low profile design is more stable and much safer than glass alcohol lamps Supplied with snuffer cap and one extra wick Height: 8.9 cm (31⁄2") Diameter: 10.2 cm (4") Two Way Lamp Stand Used to vary distance between heated vessel and alcohol lamp …

  • SteriMax


    Annealing without a flame! All stainless steel Long - Life double-pipe system Sterilization time 5-7 seconds Itself into angular adjustment Available in two sizes The electrical sterilization SteriMax is best suited for the sterilization of inoculation loops, needles and…

  • Shurlite Friction Gas Lighter

    G C Fuller

    Employs flint to produce a spark when snapped across rasp Rasp can be turned for fresh surface Zinc-plated hood traps gas for ready ignition Overall length 203 mm (8.1”). 

  • Fuego SCS pro


    Safety enhanced laboratory gas burner, battery operated with touch free IR-sensor and button function. Innovative technology that thinks with you! Fuego SCS pro with new functions & graphic display The Fuego SCS pro represents a new status among laboratory gas burners. The…

  • Tirril Burner for Small-Scale Burning Test


    The Tirril Burner for Small-Scale Burning Test (ASTM D5025) supports the following standards: ASTM D5025 Humboldt's Flame Test Burners are designed to be used as ignition sources for small-scale burning tests, such as the UL flame test and other similar test standards. Supplied complete with…

  • Torch Support


    The Torch Support turns hand torches into an adjustable position blast burner. This instantly detachable support is constructed of plated brass with heavy cast iron tripod base and pedestal connected by a universal ball joint to a clamp that fits on the torch handle. The unit is equipped with…

  • Adjustable Micro-Bunsen Burner with Adjustable Gas Valve


    Humboldt's Adjustable burners utilize the same high-quality die-cast bases as our Standard Burners, but provide a precision needle valve to achieve an accurate, adjustable flame. *Note: CFHs and BTU Outputs are figured on: 5 inch Water Column Pressures for Artificial and Natural Burners. 11 inch…

  • High-Temperature Adjustable Burner


    High temperature bunsen burner with adjustable control. Has fine-pitch threaded valve, 1-1/4 in. diameter and perforated monel and wire mesh heat intensifier. Die cast, zinc alloy, nickel plated octagonal base. For use with all gases. *Note: CFHs and BTU Outputs are figured on: 5 inch Water…

  • Alcohol Burner

    GSC International, Inc.

    An all metal, permanent wick alcohol burner. Tank capacity 100mL. The 'wick' portion is a ceramic fiber inserted into a thin copper tube. This construction allows for constant flame. The burner is fueled by high quality alcohol which can be found in most local hardware stores (not drug store…

  • Flow Spoiler


    Flow Spoiler

  • Burner Wing Tops


    Designed to produce a broad, flat, fan-shaped flame. Ideally suited for use in bending glass tubing and other similar applications. Made of brass.

  • Standard Burner with Air Regulator Only & Flame Stabilizer


    Humboldt Bunsen Burners are high-quality, American-made burners with nickel-plated, die-cast zinc bases. Burners feature aluminum mixing tubes and serrated gas inlet connections. *Note: CFHs and BTU Outputs are figured on: 5 inch Water Column Pressures for Artificial and Natural Burners. 11…

  • Ring Burner


    The Humboldt Ring Burner features an improved design that puts the guide pins on the inside circumference so that the burner remains equidistantly around the still. A Fletcher attachment regulates the gas and air. The overall shank length is 11" (279mm), ID is 4-3/4".

  • Three-Slot Burner Head for air-acetylene flames.


    Does not clog as easily when concentrated solutions are used. Cannot be used for the models 5100(PC), 4100, 2100, or 1100(B)

  • High Temperature Blast Burner


    Designed to burn all gases in large volume with a short, wide and uniformly high-temperature flame. A special micrometer needle valve is used to regulate the gas and a safety cap prevents dangerous backflashes. The burner features a plated, injector-shaped venturi tube and a direct feed inlet for…

  • Gas Lighter

    United Scientific Supplies

    Hooded lighter is safe and economical. The hood traps gas and protects the lighting file. Replacement flints are also available.

  • Fuego SCS basic


    The Fuego-Series sets new standards in the Laboratory gas burner technology. With an innovative design, this security laboratory burner is suitable for all flame applications in the laboratory Modern design Striking: the unmistakable shape. The low profile body facilitates…

  • Flame Shield


    Used to protect flame from drafts. The unit features a set of spring clips designed to fit 7/16" to 5/8" (11mm to 16mm) burner tubes. The cone is spot-welded and is 2" (51mm) in diameter at the bottom.

  • Nitrous Oxide Burner Head for PerkinElmer 1100(B), 2100 and 4100 AA…


    Required for the determination of refractory metals when using nitrous oxide-acetylene flames. Can also be used for air-acetylene. Can be rotated with most instruments to reduce sensitivity.

  • Switching Power Supply


    Switching power supply for global electricity supply for Fuego series, Gasprofi 1 micro series, Flame 100/110, Gasprofi (as of serial no. 07xxxxx) and charging station Art.-No. 8.000.911 / 8.000.900

  • Beaker Handle Kit


    Adjustable Band Clamp Kit for making a great carrying handle on beakers of all sizes.

  • Fuego SCS


    The laboratory gas burners for greater security with non-contact IR sensor and functions. The Fuego SCS represents a new class among laboratory gas burners. With its innovative design and the extensive standard equipment, this laboratory gas burner is suitable for all flame related…

  • Powerjet 2 Mobile Burner


    The mobile handheld laboratory gas burner powerjet 2 - The solution for all flame sterilization work in the microbiology or biotechnical fields. The burner is lit as soon as the bar is pressed. The flame can be regulated in size and is extinguished by release of the bar. Additionally…

  • Utility Blast Burner


    This burner features a removable nozzle with perforated tip and orifice designed to aim a large, hot, pointed flame in a modified M.I.T. pattern with great accuracy. A universal ball joint positions the flame easily for working large pieces of hard glass. Separate needle valves with leak-proof…

  • Universal Blast Burner


    This bleeder valve unit provides small needle-sized to large brush flame patterns for fusing ore, working Pyrex and soft glasses, and performing other high-temperature melting applications. Extremely accurate flame direction, from three interchangeable burner tips, a telescoping mixing tube sleeve,…

  • Burner Tops


    Various tops for use with Humboldt burners.

  • Pilot Flame Burner


    Ideal for intermittent use without frequent relighting. The burner features a sleeve-type air regulator and stopcock for gas control and an integral pilot light tube with screw for adjusting the pilot flame. Specifications: Gas type: Natural Inlet OD: 3/8" (10mm) CFH*: 5.3 …

  • Adjustable Burners with Threaded Needle Valves


    Humboldt's Adjustable burners utilize the same high-quality die-cast bases as our Standard Burners, but provide a precision needle valve to achieve an accurate, adjustable flame. *Note: CFHs and BTU Outputs are figured on: 5 inch Water Column Pressures for Artificial and Natural Burners. 11 inch…

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