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  • Color-Coded pH Buffer Solutions

    chemForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    Harmonized #: 3822.00.0002 5090 Shelf Life (months): 24 Specific Gravity: 1.00 DOT: Not regulated Physical State: Liquid Flash Point: Not applicable Solubility: Miscible Storage Temperature: Ambient Storage Code: General

  • pH Buffers Solutions


    Hach calibration pH buffers are available in a variety of color-coded or colourless solutions, in different packaging types and sizes from 15 mL up to 20 L. pH buffers are also available in convenient single-use pouches (Singlet) and unit-dose powder pillows for on-site and field analyses ensuring…

  • EMPROVE® ESSENTIAL Zinc sulfate heptahydrate


  • Clear pH Buffer Solutions

    chemForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    Harmonized #: 2806.10.0000 0000 Shelf Life (months): 24 Specific Gravity: 1.00 DOT: Not regulated Appearance: Colorless Physical State: Liquid Flash Point: Not applicable Solubility: Miscible Storage Temperature: Ambient Storage Code: General

  • Color-Coded pH Buffer Solution Set

    chemForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    Size: 3 x 500 mL Harmonized #: 3822.00.0002 5090 Shelf Life (months): 24 Specific Gravity: 1.00 DOT: Not regulated Appearance: Color coded Physical State: Liquid pH: 4, 7, 10 Flash Point: Not applicable Solubility: Miscible Storage Temperature: Ambient Storage Code: General

  • Colored pH Buffer Standards

    Inorganic Ventures

    Inorganic Ventures' pH Standard is a certified reference material set in a water matrix for stability. This standard is Traceable to NIST and manufactured in accordance with our stringent Quality Assurance guidelines. One year Expiration Date.

  • Buffer Solution, pH 10


    For pH meter standardization. Buffer solution pH 10.00, with certificate of analysis.

  • ROSS™ All-in-One™ pH Buffer Kit

    Thermo Scientific Orion

    Maintain pH electrodes more effectively with Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ ROSS™ All-in-One™ pH Buffer Kits. Convenient buffer kit includes 4.01, 7.00 and 10.01 buffers, ROSS storage solution, cleaning solution and storage bottle. Kit includes one each: 1 pint…

  • SIGMA Tris-Glycine-SDS Buffer 10x Concentrate,


    Synonyms: TRIS glycine SDS buffer solution Storage Temperature: 2-8°C Application: Tris-glycine-SDS (TGS) running buffer is the most commonly used buffer for sodium dodecyl sulfate – polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) of proteins. TGS is usually used for both the anode…

  • Fluka Potassium hydroxide concentrate for 1L standard solution, 1.0 M KOH (1.0N…


    Chemical name: Potassium hydroxide Chemical synonyms: Potassium hydroxide solution Product Brand: Analytical Density (g/cm3): 1.1 Molecular weight: 56.11 Molecular formula: HKO UN Number: UN 1814

  • Buffer solution, pH 4.00±0.01 @ 25°, red, NIST traceable

    BeanTown Chemical

    MDL No: MFCD00146206 Liquid

  • 10X TBS HCl, pH 7.2

    Quality Biological

    Tris HCl, 10X pH 7.2 is a Buffered Saline Solution used in procedures for the isolation of DNA. Filtered through a 0.22 µm membrane DNase, RNase, and Protease tested Applications Tris buffered saline is useful for the following: as a biological diluent buffer, as a buffer for antibodies,…

  • ROCHE DIG Wash and Block Buffer Set


    Synonyms: wash and block buffer set, dig Storage: 2-8°C UNSPSC Code: 41105326 Components: Washing Buffer 10x concentrated; Maleic acid Buffer 10x concentrated; Blocking Solution 10x concentrated; Detection Buffer 10x concentrated RIDADR: NONH for all modes of transport …

  • Fluka Formic acid solution puriss. p.a., for HPLC, 50% in water, 49-51% (T)


    Chemical name: Formic acid solution Product Brand: Analytical Material form: Liquid Molecular weight: 46.03 Molecular formula: CH2O2 Chemical purity: 49-51% (T) UN Number: UN 3412

  • Dilu-Lok II™, Butterfield's Buffer

    Hardy Diagnostics

    Butterfield’s buffer meets or exceeds requirements established by APHA, FDA, AOAC, and USP for food and dairy products and pharmaceutical testing. Monopotassium phosphate is used in the Butterfield's Buffer for plate count procedures in the microbiological examination of various…

  • Tris-EDTA Buffer (20X)

    Boston BioProducts

    Components: Tris Base / Tris-HCl(200 mM), EDTA(20 mM), Water(rest) Method: Prepared in 18.2 megohms-cm ± 1 water and autoclaved at 15 psi (121°C) for 30 minutes on liquid cycle. pH: 8.0 ± 0.15 (1X) Storage: Room Temp.

  • pH Electrolyte and Maintenance Solutions

    Mettler Toledo

    The Right Electrolyte for any Application An important part of your pH measurement, the pH sensor, requires special care and attention. METTLER TOLEDO offers the necessary maintenance and electrolyte solutions to meet your needs and ensure your measurements are accurate. The correct…

  • Sodium Formate Buffer, pH 2.9, Standardized


    Composition: Water 96.47%, Formic Acid 3.10%, Sodium Hydroxide 0.44% Boiling Point: Approximately 100°C Density: 1.01 Melting Point: Approximately 0°C Color: Colorless liquid Physical State: Liquid pH Range: 2.9 Solubility Information: Miscible Shelf Life: 12 Months Storage:…

  • Fluka Hydrochloric acid solution volumetric, 0.01 M HCl (0.01N)


    Chemical name: Hydrochloric acid Chemical synonyms: Hydrogen chloride solution Product Brand: Analytical Density (g/cm3): 0.99 Molecular weight: 36.46 Molecular formula: HCl UN Number:

  • pH Buffer Solutions


    Choose from economical solution bottles or individually sealed pH buffer pouches. NIST traceable materials Labeled with pH vs. temperature tables for accurate calibration All Oakton pH buffer solutions are freshness dated, and standardized against NIST-traceable references to…

  • Traceable® pH Buffer Standards (CRM)


    The most accurate pH Standards available anywhere Certified Reference Material Traceable® Certificate supplied Highest accuracy available Traceable® pH Standards, Certified Reference Materials, are 100% compatible with all instruments and probes. Accuracy for the…

  • PBS 1X Solution

    RPI (Research Products International)

    Phosphate Buffered Saline is a buffer solution commonly used in biological research. PBS has many uses because it is isotonic and non-toxic to most cells. These uses include substance dilution and cell container rinsing. Ready to use sterile 1X solution. Ingredients: Sodium…

  • FLUKA Buffer solution pH 9.0 (20 °C)


    blue colored, borax / hydrochloric acid Synonym(s): Sodium tetraborate buffer solution MDL Number: MFCD00081185

  • Graphene Oxide Proteomics Extraction Buffer Solution

    Connecticut Analytical Corporation (CAC)

    Unleash "The Power of Graphene". Graflex Proteomics Extraction Buffer can significantly increase the extraction concentration of peptides, proteins and protein targets within minutes. Specifically designed for pharmacokinetic analysis in clinical and R&D laboratories. Our…

  • Buffer Solution, pH 10.00 (Color Coded Blue)

    GFS Chemicals

    pH (@ 25°C) 10.00 +/- 0.03 NIST Traceable

  • Buffers And Solutions

    Nova Analytics Corp

    Ready-to-use Accurate within ±0.01 pH unit of specified value at 25°C Bottles include flip-up spout caps for convenient dispensing Convenient, easy open foil sachets provide fresh buffer for each calibration Saturated KCl solution is used with all Nova Analytics…

  • Singlets, pH 4.01 Pk/20


    Single-Use Standards Pk/20

  • Buffer, Water Hardness, with Magnesium EDTA

    Ricca Chemical

    Formula: Mixture

  • Denhardt Solution [100X]


    Suitable for nucleic acid hybridization. Denhardt's solution is a mixture of high-molecular weight polymers capable of saturating non-specific binding sites and artificially increasing the concentration of available probe. Features 2% Ficoll 400 0.3M sodium chloride 2% PVP…

  • Buffer, Reference Standard, pH 9.00 ± 0.01 at 25°C

    Ricca Chemical

    pH made Easy. Everything you need and want in a pH Buffer. NIST Traceability. Consistent, reliable performance. The tightest specification (+/- 0.01 pH unit) on all buffers. Long Expiration dates. Temperature conversion charts for all Buffers up to pH 11. Multiple sizes to fit your usage and budget…

  • Tyrode's Solution (with HEPES & Calcium)

    Boston BioProducts

    Components: Sodium Chloride(140 mM), Potassium Chloride(5 mM), HEPES(25 mM), Calcium Chloride Dihydrate(2 mM), Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate(2 mM), Dextrose / Glucose(10 mM), Water(rest) Method: Prepared in 18.2 megohms-cm ± 1 water and filtered through 0.22-micron filter. pH: 7.4…

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