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  • Spray Bottles


    Pressureless spray bottle made of LDPE with long-life hand pump. The functioning of each individual sprayer is tested during manufacture. Areas of application: Industry, laboratories, production, leisure, household. Suitable for agricultural pesticides and detergents. Media-contacting…

  • Spray bottles with pump vapouriser and safety cap for the pump. Liquids can be finely vapourised at the push of a button in an environmentally compatible way. The transparent bottles make identification of contents easy. The protective cover prevents unintentional pressing of the pump and acts as a…

  • The aluminium bottle is particularly suited for storing, transport or sending substances and reference samples which have to be stored completely unaltered. Other properties: can be completely emptied without residues, odour-neutral, impervious to light, rustproof. Pure aluminium (material AL…

  • Spraying over your head is not possible with standard spray bottles. As soon as the suction tube is no longer immersed in liquid, you can't spray any more. No so with our overhead spray bottle Turn'n'Spray. It features a special technology that allows you to spray from any position.…

  • Bottle Carriers


    For 6 bottles up to max. 95 mm Ø. PP Suitable for food

  • HDPE Drop Boys


    Bottle with drop dispenser and separate screw cap. Cut off dropper tip before first use Reclosable Precise drop dosing

  • Pressure sprayer, robust industrial quality for disinfection, cleaning, plant protection, thin layer chromatography, technical and sanitary use. The hand pump is used to produce a pressure of up to 4 bar in the container. Spraying can then take place by pressing a button. Media-contacting…

  • The practical 360° spray function also allows for upside-down spraying with the Turn'n'Spray pressure sprayer, making it easy to reach even places that are difficult to access. The sprayer can be used for many purposes, such as disinfecting and cleaning, or also for spraying plant…

  • The food pressure sprayer has a transparent viewing window to make it easy to read the fill level. A rubber-coated ring stand ensures that the sprayer can be set down securely. The built-in safety valve protects against overpressure (max. 3 bar). The adjustable nozzle nut makes it possible to…

  • Sturdy bottle with sealing eyelets on the screw cap and the bottle. Particularly suited for sending samples. Seals provide increased sample authenticity. Easy to fill due to wide opening. Particularly suitable for viscous media, powder, granules and pastes. HDPE Leakproof Easy to fill…

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