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  • Screw caps and pouring rings for use with GL threaded bottles. For steam autoclaving, we recommend PBT (polybutylene theraphthalate) caps with a PTFE liner, -45 to 180 degrees C rated. Polypropylene is only rated to 140 degrees C. 316L stainless steel cap is for use with stainless steel laboratory…

  • Large disc size provides greater capacity. 125mL size has a 25mm fritted disc.The 250mL and 500mL sizes are fitted with a 30mm disc. Joint is 40/35. All porosities of a given size are priced the same. Inlet/outlet arms are 8 mm O.D.

  • Gas washing bottle, 270mL with inner coil. Used with 6550 Cyanide distillation apparatus.

  • Heavy wall glass storage bottles with #15 Ace-Thred are intended only for storage of low-boiling liquids at room temps or at not less than -20°deg;C. Designed to resist internal pressures up to 100 psi, as low as -20°deg;C. The low pressure rating based primarily on the rating for PTFE…

  • Dreschel, high form with standard taper 24/40 joint on all sizes. Stopper and bottles available separately.

  • Storage Tube Cap

    Ace Glass

    For No. 7753 Storage Tubes. The 14/35 and 24/40 sizes are used when it is important to evacuate completely. The 14/20 and 24/25 are used when there is more concern about grease not entering the storage tube.

  • Glass bottle with large, 106mm (4.2") ID opening and GL120 thread. The 9.5 liter and 13.25 liter sizes are bottle shaped. The 19 liter and 45.5 liter sizes are similar in design to a carboy. 7622-155 PTFE cap with CAPFE o-ring is sold separately.

  • Bottle, Woulff

    Ace Glass

    Three-neck, made of heavy wall glass with standard taper 24/40 joints.

  • Borosilicate glass bottles with tooled neck to accept a #6 Rubber stopper. Bottles are epoxy coated to help prevent scratching. Bottles and stoppers sold separately. Working capacity is 1/2 actual capacity. Rated at 60 psi @ 20°C.

  • Specific gravity bottle, weld, unadjusted for calibration in the lab. Provided with cap to reduce evaporation losses when using volatile liquids. Stopper is 10/18 and cap 14/20 outer.

  • A method for measurement of light hydrocarbon liquids as per ASTM D 941. Also Ind. and Eng. Chemistry, Analytical edition, Vol. 16, No. 1, Jan. 1944, page 55.

  • Guy-Lussac type calibrated and engraved. Comes complete with stopper and bottle.

  • With 25 mm fritted disc diameter. 40/35 for all sizes. All porosities of a given size are priced the same. Inlet/outlet arms are 8 mm O.D.

  • With 25 mm fritted disc diameter. 40/35 for all sizes. All porosities of a given size are priced the same. Inlet/outlet arms are 8 mm O.D.

  • Chemically resistant and stable laboratory bottles, approved for use vacuum or pressure. rated at -1 to +1.5 bar, (-14.5 to +21.7PSI). Bottle only with blue graduations, without cap or pour ring. For cap and ring see 7622. Available clear, amber or plastic coated. Temperature range up to 140°…

  • Caps, SVL, Solid

    Ace Glass

    Solid black replacement caps with SVL thread for rotary evaporator components. Available with and without vent plug.

  • Coated to neck with PVC safety coating to reduce potential breakage and exposure to laboratory personnel when handling hazardous material. Carboy style bottles with sloping shoulders. Necks are tooled for uniform fit with stoppers. Uses No. 12 stopper

  • Guy-Lussac type unadjusted for calibration in the laboratory. When adjusted, suitable for ASTM D 369. Stopper and bottle available separately.

  • Solution bottles with serrated vacuum take-off. Bottles are coated to neck with plastic safety coating. This translucent coating forms a protective film around the glass that will help contain both flying particles and dangerous chemicals should the gl

  • Made of heavy glass, with outer 24/40 standard taper joint. For stoppers, see 8250

  • New design gas washing bottle with the convenience of Ace-Threds. Center washing tube fits into borosilicate glass bottle via #25 Ace-Thred with nylon bushing and FETFE o-ring. Washing tube has #7 Ace-Safe inlet/outlet ports with 1/4-in hose connection

  • Conical shape flask for maximum stability. Supplied with yellow back thermometers for accurate reading. Thermometer has a range of 14 to 37 degree C, 0.2 subdivisions with standard taper 10/18 joint.The 50 mL size complies with ASTM Method of Test D 15

  • With 24mm O.D. drain extension near bottom for attaching stopcock shutoff valve. Shutoff is an 8mm bore PTFE plug stopcock with a #25 Ace-Thred at a right angle. Ace-Thred attaches to drain extension via a 7506-10 Nylon Bushing and FETFE O-Ring. The 9.

  • Protective netting only, for 8648 bottles.

  • With fritted disc. Joint is 29/42 for all sizes. All porosities of a given size are priced the same. Inlet/outlet arms are 8 mm O.D.

  • Septa, sil/PTFE, 3mm x 38mm, fits 38-430 cap, cs/48

  • Septa, gray silicone, 3mm thick. Code -06 used with #7 Ace-Thred, code -10 used with #11 Ace-Thred. Supplied 12 per package.

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