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  • Ideal for Staining Slides Low-density polyethylene Can be used as squirt bottles with the supplied tube, and/or as dropper bottles without tube Excellent for use with indicator solutions or dyes

  • Rigid high-density polyethylene, laboratory/pharmaceutical grade bottles have matched polypropylene closures and leakproof design. FDA compliant material Wide mouth design simplifies packaging and storing of liquids and powders Bottles 250ml (8oz) and larger feature recycling code molded…

  • Wide Mouth Bottles

    SP Bel-Art

    High-density polyethylene bottle with foam lined, white polypropylene cap. Offers excellent chemical and impact resistance Capacity: 4000ml (1 gallon) Closure: 110mm

  • Leakproof, chemical resistant Heavy-threaded necks with tamper-proof, tear-lock closures High-density polyethylene with deep-shelled, blue polypropylene closures Ideal for storing or shipping of samples

  • This small polyethylene bottle with screw cap is ideal for storing powders or liquids. The 13/425 black phenolic cap forms an extremely tight seal and provides a good chemical barrier. 22mm dia x 41mm H (0.86 x 1.61").

  • Polystormore® Bottles are not suitable for shipping liquids. Space-proficient bottles hold more samples or chemicals in limited shelf space than spherical bottles. Rectangular shape makes them ideal shipping containers for dry ingredients HDPE bottles come with polypropylene screw…

  • Lightweight and sufficiently transparent for observation of contents Screw cap, low stable form Able to attach identification tags or secure cap to bottle to avoid mismatching Plug molded to cap underside sets firmly in bottle mouth, providing excellent seal that does not freeze or…

  • Low density buttress screw caps Polyethylene PE caps have 38/430 finish.

  • Low-density polyethylene Cap snaps on easily and continues to hold a tight seal even after repeated use Tip opening is 0.76mm (0.030")

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