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Dynalon Bottles Wide Mouth Bottles

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  • Excellent chemical resistance Easy-to-fill Autoclavable Leakproof Bottles and lids are constructed of translucent, rigid polypropylene. Unique closure design eliminates closure back-off. Easy pour container finish permits no-spill pouring.

  • Leakproof, rigid and translucent wide mouth polypropylene lab bottles can be autoclaved, have excellent chemical resistance and are ideal for storage and sampling of liquids or solids. Bulk packed with closures included but not attached.

  • These general purpose bottles are leakproof, and very  economical. Closure is made of low-density Polyethylene. Maximum temperature  for high-density Polyethylene 110°C and 80°C for low-density Polyethylene.

  • Translucent, low-density Polyethylene wide mouth bottles with leakproof polypropylene screw closure. Made from FDA approved resin for use with food products. Bottles have greater flexibility and impact resistance than high-density Polyethylene bottles.

  • Leak proof, rigid and amber these high density polyethylene wide mouth 150 mL lab bottles have excellent chemical resistance and are suitable for sampling and storage of light sensitive materials. Excellent chemical resistance. Supplied with black polypropylene screw closures.

  • Excellent clarity Unbreakable and light-weight Good chemical resistance With snap-on, tight-fitting caps

  • Ideal for powders and granules Economical on shelf space Food Grade Includes mouth insert plug for added security Maximum temperature 110°C Lightweight graduated rectangular plastic bottles with plug seal blue screw caps. Closure and insert are made of HDPE. Feature molded…

  • Graduated Square Bottle, Wide Mouth High-Density Polyethylene, Amber 2L ( 1212Y25 ) Product Dimensions (l x w x h) : 4.557x3.574x9.75in Amber graduated 2 liter rectangular bottle , high-density Polyethylene for easy storage of bottles on shelves. Enhanced stability when in use with an…

  • Leakproof, rigid and translucent these high density polyethylene 2000 mL wide mouth lab bottles have excellent chemical resistance. Ideal for storage and handling of liquids or solids. Made with FDA approved resin for non-contaminating storage of chemicals and food grade products. Bulk packed with…

  • Leakproof bottles are ideal for a wide range of liquids and solids High performance polypropylene bottle with polypropylene screw cap Autoclavable Wide mouth for easy filling Wide mouth bottles, constructed of high-clarity polypropylene, are available in a full range of sizes…

  • Economical, translucent, rigid polypropylene bottles are autoclavable, leakproof and can withstand temperatures up to 121°C. Specially designed polypropylene closure provides leakproof seal and has hole for tagging.

  • High density polyethylene, DOT-2E Type Good chemical resistance Easy to fill and dispense FDA and DOT approved Bottles have wide mouth for ease of filling with dry or liquid materials. Molded pour lip for easy, no-spill pouring. Sturdy, translucent heavy-duty walls are manufactured…

  • Leakproof, rigid and amber wide mouth polypropylene lab bottles can be autoclaved, have excellent chemical resistance and are ideal for storage and sampling of liquids or solids.

  • Unbreakable high-density polyethylene construction Ideal for shipping and storing liquid and solid chemicals and pastes Convenient square design saves space Positive leakproof seal Hole in closure for attachment of tag

  • Clear as glass, these PVC bottles have good chemical  resistance and are lightweight. Screw closures are  pulp and vinyl lined bakelite. Temperature range is  from -20°C to 80°C.

  • Multi-lingual wide mouth wash bottles featuring the patented DripLok® vapour venting valve that prevents solvent drips Indelibly printed in 4 languages (English, French, German and Spanish) Choose from four solvent labels, all including the new Globally Harmonised Symbols, NFPA diamond,…

  • These wide mouth lab bottles are available in translucent or amber rigid high density polyethylene. The amber lab bottles can be autoclaved. Bottles are ideal for storage and handling of liquids or solids. Translucent bottles are made with FDA approved resin for non-contaminating storage of…

  • Heavy wall, wide mouth air tight 1ml Polytetrafluoroethylene bottles with screw closure have machine finish for ease in cleaning.  Virtually immune to chemical attack, only attacked  by some fluorine containing compounds at high temperature  and molten alkalis metals. Working…

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