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Ace Glass Bottles Specific Gravity Bottles

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  • A method for measurement of light hydrocarbon liquids as per ASTM D 941. Also Ind. and Eng. Chemistry, Analytical edition, Vol. 16, No. 1, Jan. 1944, page 55.

  • Conical shape flask for maximum stability. Supplied with yellow back thermometers for accurate reading. Thermometer has a range of 14 to 37 degree C, 0.2 subdivisions with standard taper 10/18 joint.The 50 mL size complies with ASTM Method of Test D 15

  • Guy-Lussac type unadjusted for calibration in the laboratory. When adjusted, suitable for ASTM D 369. Stopper and bottle available separately.

  • Specific gravity bottle, weld, unadjusted for calibration in the lab. Provided with cap to reduce evaporation losses when using volatile liquids. Stopper is 10/18 and cap 14/20 outer.

  • Guy-Lussac type calibrated and engraved. Comes complete with stopper and bottle.

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