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  • Chemically resistant and stable laboratory bottles, approved for use vacuum or pressure. rated at -1 to +1.5 bar, (-14.5 to +21.7PSI). Bottle only with blue graduations, without cap or pour ring. For cap and ring see 7622. Available clear, amber or plastic coated. Temperature range up to 140°…

  • Heavy wall glass storage bottles with #15 Ace-Thred are intended only for storage of low-boiling liquids at room temps or at not less than -20°deg;C. Designed to resist internal pressures up to 100 psi, as low as -20°deg;C. The low pressure rating based primarily on the rating for PTFE…

  • With 24mm O.D. drain extension near bottom for attaching stopcock shutoff valve. Shutoff is an 8mm bore PTFE plug stopcock with a #25 Ace-Thred at a right angle. Ace-Thred attaches to drain extension via a 7506-10 Nylon Bushing and FETFE O-Ring. The 9.

  • Protective netting only, for 8648 bottles.

  • Made of heavy glass, with outer 24/40 standard taper joint. For stoppers, see 8250

  • Bottle, Woulff

    Ace Glass

    Three-neck, made of heavy wall glass with standard taper 24/40 joints.

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