Biologically Active Small Molecules

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MilliporeSigma Biologically Active Small Molecules

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MilliporeSigma LC-MS Grade Solvents and Reagents

  • Synonym: (2′S,3′S,3aR,5′R,6aS,9R,9aS,10aR)-1,3a,4,4′,5′,6a,7,8,9,9a,10,10a-Dodecahydro-9-hydroxy-3′,9,10a-trimethyl-5′-spiro[dicyclopenta[a,d]cyclooctene-3(2H),2′(3′H)-furan]-6-carboxaldehyde CAS Number: 4611-05-6 Empirical Formula (Hill…

  • Application Bafilomycin A1 is a valuable tool for distinguishing between different types of ATPases and inhibitor of endosomal acidification. Furthermore, Bafilomycin A1 was found to block lysosomal cholesterol trafficking in macrophages. Other Notes Bafilomycin A1 solution is provided…

  • ProClin™ 300


    ProClin biocides are immediately microstatic upon contact with microbial organisms as a result of their ability to quickly penetrate cell membranes and inhibit specific enzymes crucial to cellular respiration. Multiple specific sites of ProClin toxicity prevent microorganisms from developing high…

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