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  • Benchkote™ and Benchkote Plus Bench Coverings

    GE Healthcare

    Benchkote™ Benchkote™ is an absorbent, impermeable material designed to protect laboratory surfaces against hazardous spills. The material features a high-quality, smooth, absorbent Whatman paper which quickly absorbs liquid spills and a laminated polyethylene layer that prevent flow…

  • Disposable Underpads


    Polypropylene backing helps keep these underpads in place Provide moisture protection for a variety of clinical surfaces, including exam tables, beds and chairs Disposable underpads feature a combination fluff and polymer core for high absorbency and odor control

  • Whatman Benchkote Surface Protectors

    GE Healthcare

    GE’s Whatman Benchkote surface protector is an absorbent lab paper that protects surfaces against hazardous spills. After use, the bench protector sheet is incinerated or disposed of according to local regulations. Strong: Benchkote surface protector is strong and tear resistant when wet or…

  • Scienceware® Labmat™ Bench Liner

    Bel-Art Products

    Disposable bench and drawer liner Facilitates clean-up and protects work surfaces from stains, spills and wear Cuts easily to desired size with scissors or the Scienceware Safety Cutter Non-skid plastic backing stops most solutions from soaking through, while the highly absorbent upper…

  • Versi-Dry® and Super Versi-Dry® Lab Soakers

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Thousands of THIRSTY CELLS™ absorb spills and cushion breakable items Waterproof polyethylene backing Resistant to most chemicals Absorbs from 750 mL up to 1,050 mL of liquid per square meter Available in standard (750 mL ) or super (1,050 mL ) absorbencies. Soft, non-abrasive,…

  • Whatman Benchkote Plus Surface Protectors

    GE Healthcare

    Benchkote Plus bench protector is a thicker, more absorbent version of GE’s original Benchkote bench paper for demanding or hazardous applications. It can absorb more than 0.75 liters of water per square meter. Strength: Benchkote Plus bench liner is strong and tear resistant when wet or dry …

  • Absorbent Bench Underpad, Bench pads, 16.5 x 23 in./42 x 58cm., 50 per pack


    50 per pack Absorbs up to 500ml per pad Filled with 100% fluffed cellulose Blue polyethylene liner

  • Benchkote Sheets for ÄKTA Systems

    GE Healthcare

    Benchkote sheets for ÄKTA systems will protect the top buffer trays from buffer spillages and salt deposits. Why Benchkote sheet for lab ÄKTA systems? Cover the top buffer tray with Benchkote sheet and protect from buffer spillages and salt deposits Simplify daily and weekly…

  • Saint-Gobain Bytac® FEP Film Bench Protector with Vinyl Backing

    Saint Gobain

    Inert to most chemicals Non-stick and easy to clean Easily cut and mounted Use to resurface bench tops and line fume hoods Bytac ® is a laminate consisting of FEP film that is bonded to a vinyl support backing. The backing is coated with a pressure-sensitive, acrylic adhesive. Bytac ®…

  • Absorbent Liner


    Protects surfaces and absorbs liquids Protect benchtops, floors and carts with this highly absorbent cover. Keeps spills from spreading. Cushions the surface while absorbing liquids. Backing is waterproof and resistant to most chemicals. Made of highly absorbent three-ply tissue with a…

  • Simplicity™ Fluff Underpads


    Simplicity™ Fluff Underpad, spunbond nonwoven topsheet and polypropylene backsheet. Fluff core provides moderate incontinent protection.

  • Scienceware® Covamat Polyethylene Matting

    Bel-Art Products

    Clear, ribbed matting for lining laboratory tables, shelves and trays In rolls 760 mm wide x 15 meters long Thickness 0.25 mm; with 0.76 mm thick ribs Easily cut with scissors

  • Clean Sheets Bench/Drawer Liners

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Polyethylene Foam For lining benches, shelves and drawers Closed-cell, cross-linked, polyethylene foam, 1/8-inch thick, produces a resilient, protective, nonabsorbent work surface Matte-white finish Both sides usable 50-foot rolls can be cut to size Can be stapled, tacked…

  • Polyshield® Fluid Barrier Filters


    Product description: POLYSHIELD® features a smooth, firm surface that does not inhibit upright stability of bottles or tubes, and allows for easy recovery of dry spills. Disposal is safe because POLYSHIELD® ashes readily upon incineration.* POLYSHIELD® is available in sheets, rolls, or…

  • Experiment Trays

    Scientific Plastics

    These trays are ideal for daily use in the lab for procedures and experiments. Laboratory spill trays are a minimum 3/16” thick, one piece stress free, virgin polyethylene with smooth interior walls and coved corners for easy cleaning. Trays conform to ASTM #1412 for corrosion…

  • Chemware® PTFE Laboratory Matting

    Saint Gobain

    Chemware® PTFE Laboratory Matting resists stains and adhesion of a wide range of materials and it is easy to clean. It can be used on benches, sinks, drain boards and shelves to reduce breakage of glassware. The laboratory matting has a diamond-shaped PTFE mesh and is 1/16" (1.6mm) thick…

  • Saint-Gobain Bytac® FEP Film Bench Protector with Aluminum Foil Backing

    Saint Gobain

    Inert to most chemicals Non-stick and easy to clean Easily cut and mounted Use to resurface bench tops and line fume hoods Bytac ® is a laminate consisting of FEP film that is bonded to an aluminum support backing. The backing is coated with a pressure-sensitive, acrylic adhesive. Bytac ® …

  • Multi-Purpose Lab Soakers


    Spilfyter® Soakers provide absorption protection against spills and cushioning to minimize breakage. Soakers are made with multiple layers of 100% recycled tissue and a plastic poly backing for diaper-like characteristics. Heavy duty models feature durable fabric top.

  • Bio-Screen® Wipes and Liners

    Current Technologies

    Bio-Screen® Products protect against soak through of blood-borne pathogens, body fluids and chemicals; and limit cross-contamination from gloves to phones, pens, keyboards... Orange Barrier Side: Blocks soak through of blood, body fluids and chemicals to gloves and counters. Inhibits…

  • Polyshield Fluid Barrier


    Surface protector for chemical cabinets, laboratory benches and hoods Pure cellulose paper with an impermeable polyethylene coating on one side Tear resistant, wet or dry Smooth white base paper side may be marked with ink or pencil Cost effective Polyshield Fluid Barrier…

  • Hazmat Sorbent SM Pad


    Yellow Hazmat Premium SM Single-Weight Pads Absorbs up to 11 gallons/41 liters per case

  • Labmat™ Liner & Sheet Safety Orange 50 Ft Roll

    Bel-Art Products

    Labmat™ Bench Liner speeds clean-up and safeguards work surfaces from stains, spills and wear. The highly absorbent upper surface traps up to 420ml/m2 of water, dyes, corrosive chemicals or radioactive solutions. Safety Orange for biohazard designated use Flexible polyethylene film backing…

  • Ceramic Pads

    GSC International, Inc.

    Heat Insulated Pads with low thermal conductivity. Made from flexible alumina and silica oxides with a smalll amount of organic binder. Useful for protecting surfaces when working with hot items like crucibles or flasks. Size 6 x 6". Pack of 12.

  • Wings™ Fluff Underpads


    Wings™ Fluff Underpad with spunbond nonwoven topsheet, diamond-embossed and polypropylene backsheet. Fluff core provides heavy incontinent protection.

  • Foam Bench, Shelf, and Drawer Liners


    Surface covering for the protection of valuable glassware A resilient surface that helps to cushion and protect sensitive instruments. Can be easily cut to exact desired size. May be taped or otherwise secured in place. Both sides are usable. Inscriptions with  Identi-Marker  pens…

  • KIMTECH SCIENCE* Bench Top Protector Sheets

    Kimberly Clark

    This advanced bench top protector features a polyethylene backing for excellent slip resistance. It’s designed to provide bench top protection and won’t slide out from under your work. Quickly absorbs spills Flat, stable surface helps protect experiments and delicate…

  • Solvent Saturation Pads

    Pall Life Sciences

  • Waterproof Benchcover



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